The Ice Box Arts And Music Centre - Some Info On Glasgow’s Newest Creative Space


Glasgow’s newest, and most unusual arts and entertainment space is open, so we thought we would give you some more information on what we do, how we do it, and what we stand for, so read on!

The first thing we should mention is that we are not your standard music venue. I mean sure, we will have band nights, as music is a huge part of all our lives, but we will also have movie showings, games nights, theatre, art exhibitions, burlesque and cabaret, spoken word nights, talk nights and more. It will be a space to shoot video, a place to hang out as opposed to going to a bar, somewhere you can play games or grab a book to read, somewhere for grabbing a coffee and studying with our free wi-fi, and somewhere you can pop in with the kids, or your pooches for a treat!

We have a few unique points too that you should hear about. If you are in during the day, or a night with no specific event on, then we have a free book section that you can grab a book to read, or take it away with you for a small donation in the book jar (The Books For Bairns section is totally free though, not even a donation required, so if you are in with the children then they can grab some books for nowt, or you can grab a couple to take away with you for your kids at home), we will have a giant games screen above the serving area for you to play vintage, and newer games until your heart’s content, or we will have a separate wee screen area for those of you who would prefer a bit of privacy for your gaming! We will have other things to keep you amused too, things like pinball, pool, game boards, there is even an organ, although we prefer that you actually know how to play it before sitting down to have a shot of it! Hell, we will even have a scalextric racing table for you play, and a few more wee surprises too!

Our support for musicians and artists will be led by NHC MUSIC themselves. The venue will be staunchly anti pay to play and anti unfair ticket splits. If we find out promoters are doing either of these things at an Ice Box event, then they will no longer be welcome. At inhouse events all acts will be paid for their time, and ticket sales will be done exclusively through our website, so they will never have booking fees, handling fees or postage costs attached, you just buy the ticket and we stick your name on the list, saves paper, saves money! We will also only play music in the shop and arts area when it is on general open to the public time by registered acts supported by NHC MUSIC, our aim is to help NHC MUSIC help bands, musicians and artists self fund after all, all of the music played will also be available to buy in the music shop on the way into, and out of events! We encourage our patrons to take a chance on new music, they might just find something they love! (You can register with NHC MUSIC here for a one off donation) or if you are a small trader then there is still a few spots open to become a small trader partner with us and get your stuff in our shop and venue - link

The serving area will offer a range of amazing snacks and drinks too, hell we even stock candy floss! This is on top of the standard fair such as pastries, snacks, sweets, and a selection of non boozy drinks. The serving area won’t serve alcohol, but if you are coming for an event that allows BYOB, then we have great corkage prices, so you can bring your own drink with you, and we will take it off your hands and keep it chilled (and give you a wee card in receipt of it) and you can come up and get served it in a glass just like a standard bar! Corkage prices are at the foot of this page, but we guarantee one thing, it’s still a hell of a lot cheaper for an event here than it is at a normal venue, (when polled by us, 68% of people stated expensive bar prices to be the main reason for them going to less events in 2018) and with belt tightening needed now more than ever then that can only be a good thing for everyone! (..and you can choose your own tipple too which is a bonus).

Not only are we all about bringing you amazing and unusual entertainment, and helping you save a few quid while you are here, but we are also ethically minded too. Everything at the Ice Box will be recycled when and where we can as part of our Zero Waste policy (or as close to zero waste as we can get!), and as well as our free books for bairns campaign we will also have free fresh fruit available at our serving area for kids too, and we will always have free feminine hygiene products available in our toilets at all times. We are even trying to fit out as much of the venue area and shop area as we can with recycled, or upcycled fittings, and did we mention that £1 from every single ticket sold for our inhouse events goes to a local charity? You can’t really get more ethical than that!

Oh, and we forgot to mention the best part, to access the venue area, you have to get to it through a music and book shop, how bloody cool is that? So there you have it, a wee rundown on Glasgow’s newest creative space, it’s going to be amazing, and we think once you see it, you will love it! Remember that you can book the space for your own events too, you can PM us via the Facebook page or contact us through this website for more details. We can’t wait to meet you!

Corkage And House Rules

Corkage fees for specific events

There is a 25% reduction in the prices set below until 1st April, corkage applies only to alcoholic beverages, all non alcoholic beverages and mixers must be purchased for from the serving area. Please remember, we are first and foremost a creative space, not a place to come and get hammered, you can go to a bar for that! We want you to have an enjoyable night, as well as everyone else too, so drunks annoying other patrons won’t be tolerated, drunk people will also not be permitted to enter any events, ID will also be required for any corkage. The management reserve the right to refuse entry. Curfew for all events is 10.45. No open containers to be taken off premises, if you want to take unopened items back home then you can, spirit bottles will be re-sealed. Some events may be alcohol free when advertised as such, corkage only applies for some evening events, never day events when we are open for families and general entry.

  • Bottles / Cans - 80p per item (Max 12pp)

  • Wine / Champagne - £5 per item (Max 2pp)

  • Spirits - £7 per item (Max 1pp)


  • First and foremost, the Ice Box is not a place to come and get pissed up, there are plenty of places to do that in Glasgow already so why open another one? The Ice Box is all about entertainment first and foremost, which is why we are not licensed. We want people who don't drink to enjoy the shows as much as folk who do enjoy a wee drink, which is why there is a cap on corkage at specific events. Obviously drunk folk will not be allowed into events just like other venues. Drunk folk will be refused service just like other venues. The management and security's say in this is final, so don't turn up looking like Oliver Reed at the arse end of a three day bender, as entry will be politely declined. If you look about fifteen please bring ID to show that you are 18 and over (if you are using the corkage offer), as you will no doubt need it. No ID when asked, no entry. Again, this shouldn't be a surprise.

  • Drugs will NOT be tolerated at The Ice Box. Anyone obviously under the influence will be asked to leave, anyone caught in possession on our premises and the police will be called.

  • Any harassment of anyone else on the premises won't be tolerated. Nea racism, bullying, sexual harassment, or anything of that ilk will be tolerated. If you do, out you go. Essentially, as NHC MUSIC asked us to include, 'don't be a dick to others'.

  • Please respect our neighbours when leaving the building.

  • The corkage for set shows is not also for non alcoholic drinks, we serve a ton of them at reasonable and affordable prices, it's how we pay our staff, so please do use the serving area for that. (Water is free of course!)

  • No loud chatting or playing games systems/pool table/pinball when entertainment is on. Folk don't want to hear you mutter loudly about random stuff, they want to watch what they paid to watch. If we need to ask you to keep it down time and time again then you will be asked to leave.

  • Respect the fittings, stage set up, and the games systems. They are there for your entertainment and use and cost us a lot to put in place for you so please don't put food or drink on or near them, repeat offenders? Aye, same as above!

Overall the rules are in place so everyone enjoys themselves at The Ice Box. We want people to feel comfortable, safe, and entertained. We want you to be happy, and we will strive to keep you that way when you are here!