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This is it folks, this is where we have our big results list of the Bars/Clubs/Venues we have visited, and their scores too, not only that, but we will have our 'right of argument' review changes here as well, as advertised on the original review pages, just so you can get involved as well, or feel free to comment in the comment section on each review article instead if you prefer! We have connected every bar to their social media pages, so why not check them out and see if you agree with our choices, and at the end of the year we will have our top five Glasgow bars as well as a top five Glasgow Clubs and Venues listing too! Our intention then is to visit both top fives over one hazy week and come to a straight up winner for each, and possibly wreck our already fragile insides in the process. Anyway, onto the lists, which will both be updated every single week;

The Big Bar List

Name                         overall score     links            contested?         

Inn Deep                                        45/50                      FB / Review       

The '78                                            41/50                          FB / Review     

The Grove Bar                               39/50                          FB / Review     

The Hall                                  36/50                     FB / Review       

The Birdtree And Bellfish          35/50                           FB / Review    

Henglers Circus                            30/50                           FB / Review      


The Big Club And Venue List

(Starts this week!)