Volunteer with NHC Music

NHC MUSIC always needs more hands to continue the good work it does. Have some free time and want to get involved? Then below is some of the skills we always need!

Feed The Music - Not The Corporations

Feed The Music - Not The Corporations

wanted - volunteers

Whether it's watching the shop during the day, helping with fundraising ideas, helping promote us online, or even writing for us on this very website. There is always something we need your help with at NHC MUSIC. Contact our volunteer email directly via our Facebook page and express your interest, if this is something you are after. It's a challenge, we don't deny that. The music and arts scene always is, but at least it's an enjoyable challenge, where you will be helping others, learning new skills, and doing something great with your spare time.

We always need extra hands to watch the shop, on top of that we always need help from other promoters, writers, reviewers, videographers, photographers, artists, bloggers and more!

Get involved. Your local music and arts scene needs you now more than ever.