Here is the NHC MUSIC Big lists page, full of stuff to help out bands and musicians on the road to success! Remember we have our big list of ethical venues and promoters on a different page, you can find that one HERE.

Below we will try and compile lists of studios, labels, podcasts, cd producers, and more. Basically a one stop shop for everything you need to get your music out there. It may take a while to fully compile the lists, so keep checking back for more.

NHC MUSIC - Feed The Music - Not The Corporations

Let's start off with an ever-updated list of Recording Studios across Scotland that have been recommended to us by registered acts, some of these will of course do practice studios too, so just email to find out if they do!

Recording Studios

Name                                                Where?                             Contact Details

Green Door Studios                           Glasgow                          Facebook / Website

La Chunky Studios                             Glasgow                          Facebook / Website

Red Door Studios                               Kilbirnie                         Facebook / Website

Tpot Studio                                        Perth                               Facebook / Website

Mark Morrow Audio                          Edinburgh                       Facebook / Website

Homegrown Recordings                     Lambert                          Facebook / Website

Wall Of Sound Productions                Edinburgh                      Facebook / Website

RSD Recording Studios                      Aberdeen                        Facebook / Website

16ohm Studio                                     Glasgow                         Facebook / Website

Red Eye Recording                              Clydebank                     Facebook / Website

Chem19 Recordings                            Glasgow                         Facebook / Website

Stealth Recording Studios                    Glasgow                         Facebook / Website

Live Rehearsals                                    Livingston                      Facebook / Website

The HQ                                              Glasgow                         Facebook / Website

Gargleblast Recording                          Glasgow                        Facebook / Website

Different Circle Records                       Glasgow                        Facebook / Website

Chamber Studio                                   Edinburgh                     Facebook / Website

Transmission Studios                            Clydebank                    Facebook / Website

Sun Dogs Production                           Glasgow                        Facebook / Website

Paulshalls Studios                                 Cumbernauld                Facebook / Website

Riverside Music Complex                     East Renfrewshire         Facebook / Website

Tornface Studios                                   Glasgow                        Facebook / Website


After you have recorded your album, you'll need to get CD's printed off eh? Then here is a handy list for duplication companies you could check out to compare prices;

CD / DVD / Vinyl Duplication Companies

Name                                          Where?                                     Contact Details

(A wee 'v' beside the name means we know they do vinyl! Others may do it, but they definitely do - also, if you want to know the difference between duplication and replication, here it is; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Replication_(optical_media))

XpressCds                                   Kent                                       Facebook / Website

Demo Master CD Printing         Great Oakley                          Facebook / Website

Disc Wizards                               London                                  Facebook / Website

Breed Media                                Sheffield                                Facebook / Website

Express CD/DVD Duplication   Glasgow                                 Facebook / Website

Birnam CD                                 Perthshire                               Facebook / Website

Mobineko (v)                              Kent                                       Facebook / Website

Northern Record Pressing (v)      Norway                                  Facebook / Website

Disc Manufacturing Service (v)   Plymouth                               Facebook / Website

Mediahut                                    Nottingham                           Facebook / Website


Next I think we will move onto online radio shows and podcasts that will get your music heard, and also printing companies for everything from flyers to t-shirts! these come early 2018!

Online Stations / Podcasts

Name                                     Genre Specific?                                Contact Details