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The Viridian City Beat Police - Live Review - Jenny Tingle

The Thirteenth note is alive with sound. On the stage, two tables are covered in an array of drum machines, laptops, a large synth keyboard, and various box-shaped devices all trailing wires. Behind this jumble of hardware, The Viridian City Beat Police are at work.

Dexterously and attentively making adjustments to their equipment, the band deliver a banging set in the small, subterranean venue. 

The VCPD’s music is organic and unique. Band members switch roles and change instruments. At one point, Andrew leaves the drum machines and laptop in his rhythm-section partner James’ capable hands and picks up a 5-string bass from behind Tirek’s synth station. Some tasty melodies ensue. The trio of multi-instrumentalists from Glasgow and Paisley watch each other carefully for cues and seamlessly deliver tight  transitions from chilled-out electro pop anthems to harder tunes with pounding beats. 

Tracks like Freddy and Blobbb would be perfectly at home played by sun-drenched poolsides in Ibiza. Freddy is full of summery vibes, with bright, open Synth tones. Neon shimmer and  high-pitched hooks are kept down to earth by pulsating drum machines. 

Sailing Gold and Blobbb in particular are lovely tracks to relax to, with more mellow percussion, and dreamy keys. 

Atlantic Drive with it’s more biting drum tracks has more of an edgy club vibe, and the John Carpenter-esque 8 Walls contains some brilliant electronic retro tones. 

Love is Love is shows a harder side to The VCPD. It’s a stuttering build up, with strategic slamming beats, the wildest song of the night. 

Throughout their set the music is constantly building, shifting and evolving, from subdued trance to energetic rave tunes. 

After their set, bleach-burned logo tees are on sale, made at home by the band. It’s DIY meets polished electronica, and I really like it. The relaxed attitude of VCPD as a band makes for some great music and atmosphere. The heavily analog element of their equipment also lends itself to their creativity, and I love how totally immersed they are in the music while they play. It’s always nice to see a band who have great stage chemistry and are good friends offstage as well. 

The Viridian City Beat Police don’t gig very frequently, so it’s absolutely worth catching their set when you can! I highly recommend seeing them live! 

J. Tingle

Hayseed Dixie - Reviewed By Me, Big G

Hayseed Dixie - Reviewed By Me, Big G

There are a lot of people out there who are quite happy to go and see a band just the once. The same way they might not re-watch a series or read a favourite book a second time. And I'm alright with that but when a band I like swing back into town I'll try to go every time I can. As such on the 29th of March I went to see Hayseed Dixie for the fourth time at Glasgow's QMU.

Europe & King King - Reviewed By Me, Big G

Europe & King King - Reviewed By Me, Big G

I was very happy to see that singer Joey Tempest still has it. On recordings he's always appeared to be a powerful vocalist, and someone who can portray emotion in his voice. I was very happy to find out that this wasn't studio magic, like so many vocalists resort to. On stage he has all the same power and feel in his voice. As a frontman from a glam metal band he has a certain duty. A duty to break the songs back to just drums and bass and to get the crowd repeating "whooah" and "yeah" back to him. He only did this a couple of times throughout the night however, it didn't get old. And it seemed to make him happy, and isn't that whats important?