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iCombat comes to Glasgow and Zed Events are bringing it!

So last week a small, but merry band of NHC / Icebox crew descended on the underhalls of the Arches on Argyle street to check out the surroundings for Zed Events’ new laser horror/combat experience opening on May 11th - and we have to tell you right now that it looks pretty bloody fantastic, ticking all of our interactive gaming boxes in one fell swoop! My only concern was seeing our own sound engineer gripping his assault rifle and eyeing me up with a hungry look that screamed ‘SOON’ in his eyes is not something I am going to forget anytime in the near future.

That look will haunt my dreams until May the 11th, when we both get to don full combat gear, lock and load our weapons, and run screaming into the darkness and the smoke under Glasgow like wild banshees, battling to the death over that one time I told him the music was a bit too loud and he had to turn it down.

Think laser quest without the geeky teenagers and with weapons that feel like actual weapons, think interactive horror games where sometimes the enemy can’t actually be killed, and the best you can do is to evade and subdue. Think about all the games you play sitting in your pants at home eating cheetos and drinking Monster energy, and then actually playing them, but for realsies.

May the 11th, see you there. I’ll be the frightened Ice Box owner being persued by the excitable sound tech.