The Ice Box Arts And Music Centre - Available For More Than Just Night Bookings!

Teachers! Big Thinkers! Creatives!

We need you… and we are hoping you may need us too!

The Ice Box Arts And Music Centre has been coming on in leaps and bounds over the past few months, and we have already had a fantastic array of events including open mic nights cabaret and music gigs, spoken word and poetry nights, and even movie nights.

But there is more to our fantastic and unique new space than just night events, we want to fill it during the day too, hell we want to fill it all the time! So far we have had a selection of cracking day bookings and start of the week evening bookings coming in, from a couple of hours at a time, to full weekend day bookings. We have some classes already booked in, and we have had a selection of music videos and podcasts already created within our walls too, and now we hope it’s your turn! Below is a few bookings we already have in, with the costs beside them too, so that you can work out if it is a space you want to book for your own creative ideas, no matter what they may be.

Of course if you have a new idea different from the offers we have below then get in touch, as we are always open to booking suggestions, and pretty much always available for a chat!


6 Hour midweek practice booking

We had a theatre group interested in booking the full inner venue area, along with the stage for a full days final rehearsal, they got it for £50 for the full 8 hours (10am - 4pm) since they didn't need a sound tech


We had a 3 hour class booked in, the class wanted use of the projector and screen wall for a teaching aid, they also wanted 25 chairs set up and wanted the small vocal desk and speakers set up too so they could show a video during the class. The cost for this, for the three hours, was £40.


We had a band in who wanted a full three hours practice on a stage, with a full pa set up and sound tech to help them get their set perfect for a launch gig two nights later. They got the three hours, with backline, PA, and sound tech for only £50.


We have a club using the space for a midweek meeting each week, just two hours at night, they get a couple of tables and a load of chairs set up and the main space to chat in, and they get free tea and coffee set up too, as well as some biscuits. They get all that for £30 for the two hours.

So there you go, that's four of the booking deals we have already had in, think we can do something for you outwith a normal gig/event booking? Then get in touch and we will see if we can help!