The Tino Band - Sunshine Rattlesnake

The Tino Band Review

4 piece Glasgow Alt Rockers The Tino Band have been on our radar at NHC MUSIC for some time now, although that was partly due to another band / project that was on the go previously involving the lead singer. We loved the music they had then, and the good news is that we love the new music from The Tino Band they have now too! The first song on the new 9 track release Sunshine Rattlesnake nails their songwriting ability to the wall right from the very first softly echoing hand clap. The album has an instant garage rock kick to it, with Velvet Underground vibes throughout. The latter especially shining through for me in track 2 (Sunshine) which to be honest, is probably my personal favourite on an album crammed full of possible favourites! Even the quality of the recording is fantastic, which is often a personal gripe of mine and has let down many a review.

Other stand out tracks are Sinister Fear (I was torn about putting this one down as my personal favourite, still kinda torn to be honest, it might jump track 2 to the top of the list next week after some repeated listens!), and Waiting For The Day is a bloody cracker too. I'm sure you will find your own tracks to love from a selection this good though… finding quality here isn’t the hard thing, it’s choosing the best that’s the struggle.

I'm gutted I missed the album launch at The Hug n Pint recently but i'm pretty sure I will be catching them soon, especially after listening to this body of work. There is always a fear that we get a bad album in to review, and we will struggle to find the positive words to describe it, but there is no problem with that when listening to Sunshine Rattlesnake - if you love your garage rock with a vintage vibe, tinged with an almost Nick Cave-esque melancholy, then you will absolutly bloody love the album.

links are below, so check it out when you can!

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