Durty Vegan Burger Club - The Best Vegan Burger I have Ever Eaten

Nestled just five minutes walk from our old home at The Hidden Lane lies the best god damn vegan burgers you have ever tasted. If that ain’t the boldest opening to any food review you have ever read then I don’t know what else to say.

It really was that good.

We went team handed to the review with a crew of three NHC. It was a relativelly small venue so three at the table meant a bigger spread, and therefor a bigger taste of all that was on offer, and not one of us was dissapointed with the choices. The two lads with me went right for the burger choices and I opted for something a little lighter in the eating department to balance it all out. The Ringer burger, The Grenade burger, and Mac Fries were brought to the table with a huge smile, which seems to be another big blue tick in my books for the Durty Vegan Burger Club, the place is just filled with warmth, and it’s nothing to do with the thermostat. The people who work here love what they do, and it shows not only in the fantastic food they prepare fresh to order, but also in the way they greet every single guest that comes through the door.


The burgers were ridiculously good, and the air fried ‘mac’ covered fries were so good I could eat them every day, and if I stayed in the area I would probably try and eat them every day, which would probably be healthier than it sounds. Not only is everything vegan, but I think any non vegan friends popping in with you would be hard pushed to tell, as the food really was that good.

So aye, basically I would not only state it was one of the best vegan dinners I have ever eaten, but I would also say it is one of the best eateries in Glasgow hands down for me, I will be back soon for more food myself, and that is the best accolade I could give!