NHC MUSIC's New Big Charity Auction Page - Read All About It Here!

For the last three weeks NHC MUSIC have been working hard on their main 2018 fundraiser, and rather than firing up a series of events and gigs to raise some much needed cash, we decided on an auction instead, everybody likes auctions eh? On top of that, we know folk are a bit skint these days, but then again, everyone has stuff kicking around the house that they don't need, and if we could get that stuff and auction it off to others for a low price, then it means everyone is a winner.

  • We get to raise funds.
  • You help by getting rid of stuff you have lying around, and help a great cause in to the bargain.
  • The buyer gets an item they want or need at a low cost.

This time we also decided to split our raised money 50/50 with the great folk over at the Garnethill Displaced Residents Association, the very people affected, and still not allowed home, due to the awful Art School blaze in Glasgow a few months ago.

We have to say, thanks to all of the people involved (both donators and buyers) it was an absolute success. We hit our target of one months full rent and bills to fall back on, and we also made a good few hundred for the displaced residents, a full total will be online once we finally manage to chase up all the cash owed from sales!

It went so well for both causes, that we decided to do it as an ongoing way to raise funds. This will not only benefit our own big charitable projects such as Books For Bairns, and our Heat The Homeless Campaign, (and of course help the many musicians and artists we work with too) but we will also split the raised funds as we did before, between two new smaller Scottish charities every 8 weeks. There is so much we feel we need to help with out there in Scotland, so much more we can do, both as a not for profit organisation, and as good people working within it. Helping folk is what we do, so let's keep doing that, especially when times are getting tougher!

The new page on Facebook will solely be an auction page, we will take in 'stuff' from everyone and anyone looking to get rid of absolutely anything (we do mean anything, from curtains to clothes, from movies to games, from music memorabilia to musical instruments, from ornaments to books, and what we don't auction we will make sure it gets into the hands of the people who need them most, like local charities and charitable organisations with specific requests!) so if you can help, please do. The cities good causes need it.

Our first two local charities we have on our new page, that will each hopefully get a nice big cheque, are Refuweegee and Catflap, you can find their page details below. We wont just collect items to auction for them both though, we sill see how we can help them in other ways too, with specific collections and adverts, as sometimes awareness is needed, just as much as donations!