NHC Has Some Gig Spots up For Grabs - Check Them Out

NHC MUSIC has got some cracking gigs up for grabs soon, some themed, some not so themed, some instore, and some out of store, and they are all below. NHC MUSIC has a unique way of running out of store gigs, in that we run everything as not for profit, always. This of course means that all the ticket money after venue costs goes right back to the bands. We even cover poster costs and boosted posts online, and make sure you get some cracking video and photos of the nights to use as you wish. Instores are slightly different of course, as they are always free entry and BYOB to stay on the good side of licensing laws, but you can use the shop, rental free, for signings, intimate events, small launches, or unplugged events. It's always free to rent, you just need to flex your imagination with how you use it!

If you prefer a guarantee for gigs though rather than ticket cash split with other bands (just with bands, again, we don't take a cut of ticket money at all), we totally understand, and we can chat about that instead, we are happy to hear what you have to offer, chat is good, and we probably need more of it in the music industry.

Anyway, we can chat about the ins and outs when you contact us, but below is a wee selection of events we are booking up for right now, if you fancy any of them, let us know and we will check you out!


Sept 29th - NHC Music Carnival Of The Dark Arts 4 - The Final Girls – Ivory Blacks

Our Carnival Of The Dark Arts nights are themed cabaret and music nights with a horror twist, and this one is no different! We are looking at a mostly female line up for this specific event to fit in with our final girl movie theme. We will be looking for 3 bands, and 3 burlesque / dark cabaret acts, and the night will also include a themed horror fancy dress competition, and some surprises up our sleeves! Join us for Halloween come early, with the final girls!

Oct 31st – NHC MUSIC Presents Hip Hop Halloween – Ivory Blacks

A Halloween / fancy dress night with a twist, bringing some of Glasgow best up and coming hip hop and spoken word artists to you, with a horror twist! Special guest host to be announced soon too, this one we genuinely cannot wait for. Oh, and to spice up the Halloween theme we are working with some local artists to try and devise the best way to set up a giant murder mystery style game that runs for the duration of the event... you have been warned...

Nov 10th – Rats From A Sinking Ship 7” Single Release Night – VENUE TBA THIS COMING WEEK

We are still looking for a cracking local opener or two for the amazing RFASS as they hit Glasgow again in 2018 for their first ever 7” single launch via NHC RECORDS – Punks only for this one, or though anything hard, and anti establishment may be considered!


Below is a list of the Saturdays available instore for acts to put on their own small, intimate acoustic or unplugged shows. They are great for launches, testing sets, or just having intimate events where all ages are welcome. Also available are full takeover days, where you take over the shop yourself, curate the entire days music, nights, events, pretty much everything in the shop. What about putting together a spoken word day, or an unplugged hard rock day? A charity event? Or maybe you just fancy trying your hand at promoting an event with a lot less risk than hiring a full venue and selling tickets. It's your takeover day, you do what you like with it!













So if you are interested in any of the spots advertised above, get in touch! We will have them all filled pretty fast so don't delay getting in touch.