CS Buchan and Friends Album review - Jenny Tingle

Judging the album by its cover, I would not have guessed how full-bodied and diverse the music is. The artwork gave me the impression of an acoustic solo project, but Charley S Buchan’s album is more of a collaboration. Perhaps all of the songs originated acoustically, but the many artists who helped bring them to life gives every track its own distinct personality.

The album varies from driving Indie rock, to gentle folkesque ballads with almost stripped-back instrumentation. The inclusion of electronic sounds surprised me in a good way.

All tracks are recorded and produced with a lovely clarity of each instrument, which makes for pleasant listening.

Each song is unique, and connected by an overall wistful feeling. An 11-track album to be proud of.

Like Its 1979 (featuring Guy Capecelatro III) gave me the opening impression of the album that it may be gentle pop rock. Music by Kasabian and Sam Sparrow came to mind. Spacey drums and guitar with futuristic keyboard tones are a perfect backdrop vocals, which are delivered in a breathy drawl.

Home from The Sea (featuring Alexander Ironside) has the harshest and most percussive vocals in the album, which really lend themselves to the mood of the song. A weird combination of folk/traditional and modern electronic/ synth sounds.

Who are You Kidding? (featuring Iona Fyfe) is upbeat in tempo, with a folk/acoustic-inspired sound. Electric guitars and drums add a kick of energy to the song. Yet another track in this album which surprised me with its diversity of genre.

Just when I thought I’d got the measure of the album for this review I heard Losing The Race. The final track of CS Buchan’s album (featuring work from Brenden Massei) is almost electro pop with dark guitar, fuzz distortion and ethereal vocals from Charley Buchan’s daughter, Katie Buchan. The perfect, spare drum beat driving the song along is picked out crystal clear. My top pick from this diverse album, although after a few listens through the whole thing it was a tough choice eventually reduced to being between this song and Like Its 1979.