TEXTURE - ELEVATE - A Review By C. T. Herron

An esoteric, otherworldly, dystopian masterpiece. The writing is impeccable
— Mark McG (Jackal Trades/Girobabies)

Caliginous, fuliginous, surreal, haunting, slightly dubstep-laced, apocalyptic, grimy music, with truthsayer Texture painting words more like Hemingway than a hip hop artist. Imagery is so masterfully portrayed it almost feels like you’re reading an Alasdair Gray novel rather than listening to a rap record. There’s enough wordsmithery in here Tupac a few Wordsworth pages.

I’m only listening to this for the first time right now, but I can tell it would take a few or more listens to fully absorb the knowledge bombs being dropped and leaving the room unbalanced. It’s a dystopian future being portrayed here, and I think we’re already living in it, or outside of it as the case may be. Dissonance.

The beats add a machinery to the already quite industrial sound, a smog-filled burning scenery is projected onto your mind, and I don’t think it’s supposed to make you feel comfortable in your matrix. p.Wrecks sounds like he’s been summoned from the dead through a satanic ritual in order to rap his part in ‘Hungry Ghosts’. Cool! This song literally drills through your skull to the woke cunt hiding somewhere inside there and gives it a sharp nudge.

Hip hop for metalheads? Maybe, there’s a certain Nine Inch Nails-esque quality to it, and a Heath Ledger’s Joker-like watch-the-world-burn mentality to it. Tickle & Texture come together on the title track, “Apocalypse Now? Naw mate, apocalypse way too fucking late!” A sesquipedalian emerges from Texture intermittently like a verbose demon he carries inside him. “O.G chemical poetry, and if you’re listening, you’re the resistance”. Tickle tongue-ties a tumultuous tale of tormented turbulence to top off a twisted track tremendously.

The album has its moments of spiritual awakening, as on ‘Ventress Origin’, although it weaves through the shadows rather than through the light. “And the light dawns”. A little sitar next on ‘Send Me To Enceladus’ a song which I love as it dives unashamedly into science, or more specifically, astronomy. Once again an entire book is portrayed, not just a rap song, a journey. Texture demonstrates an imaginative scope of biblical proportions.

The next track is produced (appropriately) by Physiks and features Teeth, following the theme of previous gem Enceladus we’re still journeying through the physics of space and time… A toweringly intellectual rap, and Teeth has some extreme bars that are skilfully projected at the speed of light! This track’s not just tight it’s airlocked!

Psychedelia and conspiracies abound as we’re overdosing on dark light when ‘F.D.F’ takes us spinning through dimensional shifts as though we just hit a bong of 100x salvia extract! Slowed down to the crawl of a ketamine-addled psychonaut trying to make it to the portal out of the black hole on legs that are demolecularising as he pulls them behind him.

The LSD is still running strong in our veins for ‘Acid Sunset Reflux’ featuring Glasgow’s king of hip hop, the demon-addled dipsomaniac Gasp! When you’re tripping balls and reach for your spirit animal only to find Gasp, you’re in fucking trouble… Gasp yanks God down out of the firmament and rips him a new arsehole almost before he’s even finished his first sentence, with a beat that makes it sound like you’ve just run into the end-of-level-boss in the Running Man. The beats in this one provided by Asthmatic Astronaut are banging, while Gasp & Texture are slayers hanging naysayers and slanging the prayers and the so-called players like a couple of doomsday soothsayers. Shit, what happened there? You listen to hip hop too much it’ll rub off on you…

As the intro to the penultimate track says, there is an infinite number of parallel universes in our multiverse, and it feels like we’ve broke through a few just listening to this album! The chanting providing the backdrop to that kid’s monologue is positively trippy, I feel myself slowly falling deeply in love with this record as my heart palpitates to the tribal drumbeat… Or is that a heart attack coming on? Either way, it’s official, Texture is a fucking genius!

You must listen to this album, at first, like sodomy, it’s a little uncomfortable, but like listening to Atom Heart Mother on shrooms it’s only taking you through the troughs so the peaks feel even more glorious! ‘Accelerationism’ is a mind-blowing track that chimes with anyone that’s ever read a book about quantum physics, or smoked a joint, or took a psychedelic drug, or gazed into the distance, or danced round the void, or lived on the edge.

This album is for the hip-hoppers, the punk rockers and the heavy metal moshers, it’s for the woken, and the asleep, and all those motherfucking sheep! It’s for the trippers, the reality-grippers and the dimension skippers. It’s an album that should be heard by the sane and the insane, and anyone with a beating heart and a functioning brain. Maybe Kaczynzki was right… maybe Mark McG was right, maybe this is a contender for album of 2018 all right… It burns with an intense inner light.

Seeya’ in the pit!

C.T Herron (NHC Gonzo Division)

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