Books For Bairns Mk 2 – Free Books For Kids – Every Single Day – At NHC MUSIC

We are always looking for new ways to have a positive impact on both the local, and wider community via NHC MUSIC, It’s kind of what we do to be honest, so when we thought of a way to expand considerably on an existing program we had, we jumped at the chance.

That is what Books For Bairns Mk 2 is all about. Expanding on an already great idea, and making it even better.

So what can be better than giving children of Scotland free books one day per month forever?

Well, how about giving them access to free books all of the time.

That’s right, we had a look at our shop space and decided that our big DVD area at the back was hideously underused. Possibly due to the fact that we sell the DVD's so cheaply anyway, and we decided that a much better use of the space would be to get rid of the DVD shelves, and replace them with a permanent Books For Bairns section.

This would of course mean that the children of Glasgow (and beyond) could pop in anytime we are open and grab themselves some free books as to be honest with you, they need more of them, especially with local library and school library cutbacks.

We want kids to find new worlds to fall in love with as we think imagination and escapism are important parts of a childhood, and being a bit skint should be no barrier to children's access to fantastical escapes of the imagination!

the only UK shop that gives children free access to books every single day of the week?

That will be the NHC.

Feed The Imaginations – Not The Corporations


(Please use the hashtag when you get your books, the more who hear about us, the more books we can give out! The book donations keep coming in, so let’s start something big and make sure they go right back out again to those who want to read!)

*Main photograph stars our good friend Jolly from;