NHC MUSIC Are Having A Huge Fundraising Auction For Two Great Causes, And We Need Your Help To Make It Work!

Every year NHC do a huge fundraiser month, essentially to help us keep doing the great work we do in the local community and beyond with things like our Books For Bairns campaign, and our yearly Heat The Homeless project. It even helps us fund our own sponsorship outreach programs such as the ones we have set up with the Blochairn Star Football Team, and the Wheelchair Warriors Basketball team.

Community projects are as important to NHC MUSIC and it’s members, just as much as the work we do with musicians is, and this year our aims and objectives in that respect are no different to before, only bigger. This year we decided, after the horrific fire in Glasgow that took the art school building from us, that we would gift half the money we get from this years fundraiser to the Garnethill Displaced Residents Association. Helping those affected locally to get back on their feet again after finding themselves not only out of a home, but also with water damaged houses too.

This year we opted not to fundraise with gigs or sponsored hi-jinks (no more throwing ourselves off of cranes please, I still have the fear from last year) but to instead have a huge charity auction. What we need help with is items, or services to auction off, so we can give our hub a much needed (and costly) development, and also give the residents of Garnethill a wee boost too.

We have already had an amazing response to our shout out for items for auction, with things as varied as a mountain bike, Beatles memorabilia, locally made scented candles, framed prints, signed albums and tour merchandise handed in… you can even bid on a band to come play in your house! We still need much more though, so if you, your business, or your band, could offer one item or service each, then we will smash our target and you will see the benefits it brings both our NHC community, and the community of Garnethill. How well this goes is in your hands, so please do dig deep!

We take absolutely anything, and any service. If we can auction for as little, or as much as we can, then we will take it off your hands and we can even collect if need be! The main auction weekend will be at the end of July, and we will be taking in donations of everything and anything all through July until that time, so please PM the page via Facebook, or drop in the shop, and let us know how you can help! (or even chat to us under the posted article).

Items will be auctioned both online, and in a live auction in the shop. So we will have exact dates for that soon and the event page for it is below, so you can keep track of everything we get in to auction, and everything we have for sale;


NHC MUSIC Are Having A Huge Fundraising Auction For Two Great Cause,s And We Need Your Help To Make It Work!