Proper Gander (Tales From A Hero’s Journey) NHC Music reviews The Pacific Trash Vortex’s new EP - Jenny Tingle

The Pacific Trash Vortex are high on my list of bands I have to see live.
They just released their new EP, “Proper Gander (Tales From A Hero’s Journey), and I love it.  It’s like a half-remembered party weekend with a nightmarish edge.

The Pacific Trash Vortex is: Alan King (Vox/Guitar/Harmonica), Neil IV (Guitar), Charlie McGraw (Bass), Chris Riley (Drums), Marie Beth Kilbride (Saxophone)


Photo Credit to Alan King

Barracuda Buddha introduces the EP with a swinging, psychedelic garage stomp. As an opening track, it sets the overall tone well.

Devils Dandruff is a slow, dirty Dive Bar soundtrack. It kicks the EP up another notch. Guitar and Bass work from Neil and Charlie are perfectly wound around saxophone playing from Marie, and Chris’ slow, sleazy drum grooves. Al’s gravelly lyrics mix together metaphors for mind alteration and black magic.

Upbeat, Spring Heeled Jack contains more superb lyrical storytelling from Al, with more prominent, bouncy guitar by Neil in the foreground. This song is up to no good for sure.

Bet With Jesus- this dark tango completes the EP. Slower and more subdued than the other songs, the colourful instrumental haze and subtle drums behind Al’s vocals drives the music along like a fever dream.

Intriguing and bittersweet, Bet With Jesus will lure you in like the last lights left on after closing time.

Jenny Tingle