The Mickey 9s At The Art School - A Mystery Man Review

There was a sense of anticipation as we arrived in the downstairs bar in the Art School last Saturday night. Doors opening was running late but it gave the Glasgow branch of the Mickey9s fan club a chance for mandatory outside pints and joints.
Mickey9s guitar legend Ant was soon rounding us up to get a crowd together for the support bands and we of course obliged as you can't argue with a legend. "The Shows" and "BooHooHoo" were supporting and I don't have a bad word to say about either. The earlier pints and joints followed by a few more visits outside perhaps have something to do with why I don't have too much to say about them.
From what I remember, The Shows ( can't be tied down to a single style of music, but who can these days. Hip-hop, rock, electro were all on show. They're definitely worth a look.

More outside pints and joints were still the order of the evening before moving onto BooHooHoo ( a 3 piece electro-pop combo who were probably my favourite of the two support bands even though I can't remember any of their songs. They are on my list of bands I need to see again.
Then the joys of The Art School kick in with a full on fire alarm shortly before Mickey9s were due on stage. I'm not quite sure that everyone realised immediately what was happening, but eventually everyone piled out the side door onto the street, drinks in hand. Thankfully no-one was policing the outside drinking situation, so it was an unexpected opportunity for more outside drinking and smoking.
You have to applaud the Art School bar staff at this point, everyone piled back in and headed straight to the bar and they dealt with it admirably. I've been in many venues whose bar staff would have crumbled like an oxo cube in that situation.

And all of a sudden it was time for the main event. Mickey9s are like a musical juggernaut smashing through your brain with their brand of Glasgow funk rock. They charged through a good mix from both of their albums "The Party Manifesto" and "Galactic Radio" as well as some new stuff. From "Shark in the Water" onto "Planet" they kept the tempo up the whole way through their set. I have to mention two of their new songs, if you haven't seen them live recently, you won't heard "Raw" and "What's wrang wi me". Both are instantly recognisable as Mickey9s songs with Mickey 9s trademark funky sound and that dry Glasgow humour. Check out Raw here - - filmed by the one and only John McKinlay.

There are a few things that are blatantly obvious to me after such a spectacular night. The Art School is a brilliant venue, the sound quality was right up there with any venue I've been to in Glasgow recently. Mickey9s are without a doubt one of the brightest stars in the Glasgow music scene right now. The final point to take away from this is that if I want to write reviews with more detail I should perhaps get a bit less fucked up ....... but where's the fun in that.