Take Today talk to NHC Music about their forthcoming EP, Rise Above - Jenny Tingle

Take Today have been immersed in recording their forthcoming EP, titled Rise Above. The Scottish rockers already have an album (Choices) and an EP (Down But Not Out) under their belts, and have been recording and releasing material since 2014. The Glasgow-based band have only been growing in strength since then, and Rise Above may be their most anticipated release to date. With their own blend of heavy riffs and melodic rock, Take Today are starting to cement their place in Scotland’s music scene.

FFO: Twin Atlantic, 30 Seconds to Mars, A Day to Remember, Queens of The Stone Age, Biffy Clyro

Take Today:  Photograph by Paul Storr


 You have an EP coming out soon, how long has that been in the making?

“After the release of our debut album ‘Choices’ we got to work right away on new material, we wrote a bunch of new tracks and we felt the 3 tracks we recorded suited the concept of ‘Rise Above’ and what the title means”.

You're performing at the Garage G2 to release you're EP, are you nervous about it at all?

“Not nervous; we are more excited for the show, we can’t wait to release the new EP at our biggest headline show to date. I think we're more excited to play more than anything, Garage is a great venue and headlining it with our EP launch is an absolute dream”.

Is your new material different from your old?

“Yeah, this is a new direction for us, we put ourselves our of our comfort zone. I think it's natural that it's different from our older stuff. It's been two years since our last recording and we've only gotten stronger as a band, so we want to challenge ourselves writing better songs”.

What's been the best band you've performed alongside?

“One of the best bands we have played alongside are a band called ‘Crashes’ who have released their EP late 2017 and it’s a belter!”

What's your upcoming EP about?

“‘Rise Above’ is about overcoming difficult times you face during your life, each song represents there can be a positive outcome to every negative.”

Who designed the cover for your EP?

“Make North, we have used this company for releases prior to ‘ Rise Above ‘ and has done exceptional work for us in the past and this time hasn’t been any different, the artwork for ‘Rise Above’ is something we were blown away by because of how original and futuristic it looked”.

How did you come up with the band name?

“We came up with name 10 mins before our first ever show in 2012”.

What sets you apart from others?

There's a mix of different elements with each song sounding different to one another. It's hard to pinpoint our style but we have a unique blend of sounds with our own twist”

What's the best venue you've performed at?

“We have played at many amazing venues in the UK but feel that nothing compares to a show we played at the Garage main stage.”

If you hadn't discovered music, what would you being doing now?

Paul: “If I didn’t have music in my life, I seriously don’t know what I would be doing, it’s the only thing I know how to do.”

Alex: “Believe it or not, if I didn’t have music in my life I would be practicing medicine”.

Lewis: “I think music has done so much for me that I'm really not sure but I guess I would be still be doing Chemistry”.