The Big NHC MUSIC Record Label Distribution Deal

We at NHC MUSIC pride ourselves in supporting as many local musicians, bands, and record labels as we can, and that is why we opened the countries only dedicated not for profit music shop. So where does the profit go then, you ask?

It goes right back into those who make the music, such as local labels and musicians. It helps with things like recording, replacing instruments, mixing and mastering costs, and more.

For us, an organisation of music lovers, that’s a win win situation.

We already have over 400 bands registered with us for distribution and promotion, and another 20 labels too, but let’s face it, when it comes to music you always need more!

That is why we are opening up our shop to labels all across the world. We want to stock all genres, and all styles on your behalf; and with Glasgow now being named as the best musical city in the UK, we want to continue that upwards curve by inviting labels from all over the globe to stock with us, both online and offline, and get your music into the hands (and ears!) of some of the best music fans in the world.

The main benefit to that is that you get 100% of your profits back, from each and every sale.

That’s right, 100%, we don’t take a penny of your cash. We would rather it went back to you to keep doing what you do best, releasing and creating great music.

All you would need to do is ship/post the music to us if you want stocked in the shop itself, and then we would pay you from the 28th of every month for sales made. We can also get your latest releases reviewed, and promoted for you across our large online presence that targets the exact people you want it to target. Music lovers.

Usually we work on the basis that a label registering to sell with us would make a one off donation of £50 (That’s a one off forever fee!), but we are waiving that fee entirely for the next 2 months for worldwide labels, that means extra promo, extra sales, and extra fans for you, at no cost at all. We will even get your music and merch up on our website too (that can be set up as a dropship, meaning you don’t even need to send us the stock for that, you just send us an image, and the details, and we can get a point of sale up for you), we will also hand out flyers, leaflets, stickers and badges for you in the shop, and we can advertise new releases too, and even promote and stock tickets for any Scottish events you may have planned, or help you set up DIY events in the city.

Join up with NHC today and let’s start getting your music out to the fans that we already have waiting to hear it!


Feed The Music – Not The Corporations