Meet The Competitors For The NHC Aleympics This Weekend

This Saturday at NHC MUSIC as part of our first ever open day at the shop, we don’t just have a cracking selection of live music for you from folk like Fallen Arches, Felix Saunders, David Spence, and special guests The Chibmarks doing an unplugged set; we also have some other tricks up our sleeves too.

You want games? Then we have the big telly set up with thousands of games and a load of systems for you to choose from. We will be having game competitions throughout the day, so don’t miss it, as there will no doubt be prizes up for grabs for the winners. The prizes might be awful, or they might be great, our choices may depend entirely on how the Aleympics go.

What’s the Aleympics you may ask? Well, the rules are simple.

5 players (made up of three musicians, and two staff members), are given four drinks each, in unmarked/covered cans/bottles.  They drink the drinks, and then they mark each drink out of 5 on the blank label. Then the hard part, the pick a clear winner each, and then the five winners are unmasked, and paraded in some kind of weird, badly planned, drunken awards ceremony and will get a wee write up / review on the website too.

So who are the players taking up this challenge in the shop? Well, the musicians are Colin Bell (Fallen Arches),  Simon Sinclair (The Big Nowhere), and Iain Diamond (Busker Rhymes). Iain is a bit of a cheeky choice for us, as he is a staff member too, but he did threaten to cut us if he wasn’t allowed to play, so here he is. The staff members taking part are senior members Jamie Mcdermid and David Spence, as both have years of experience in the field of booze, and not specifically beers either. That’s pretty much all booze. They have already threatened to continue to keep the challenge going even after the awards ceremony, so we will need to look out the hose again. Just in case.

What breweries will we be partaking of? Well, We shall be trawling shops this week for ales from some bloody great breweries such as Williams Bros. Brewing Co., Isle of Arran Brewery, Loch Lomond Brewery, Black Isle Brewery, Drygate, Harviestoun Brewery, Merchant City Brewing Co., West Beer, Tempest Brewing Co., Fyne Ales, and Jaw Brew so we have plenty of inspiration!

Remember that it is a full open day on Saturday too, so pop down, check out the shop, ask some questions, get involved!

See you on Saturday!