Love Crate Digging? Love Sampling The Weirdest Sounds? Then This May Be For You

We had a big idea the other day…

It started with some drinks in the shop, as a lot of great ideas do (the shit ones start the same way though to be fair, we filter them all using the ‘sober think back technique’), we had a chat about sampling old records, unusual crate digging finds, weird sounds on some tracks we were listening to at that point in time, then it hit us, the big idea.

Let’s have a big old sampling contest, the first big competition attached to the new label. After putting it through the sober filter, the idea still made us a tad excited, so we went with it, and here we are. We still have the name to get right, and some wee things to iron out (always the bloody hardest part, the initial names we thought of were terrible), and we still have the specific prizes for the winners to announce, and also some surprises to hit you with as we go on (after more drinks no doubt), but below is essentially the competition, get involved!

The rules are simple.

You come in to the shop, you pick three different releases from the stock in here (from lp’s, 7” singles, cd’s, hell, even tapes) you take a sample from each of your three choices (no back backsies, once you pick ‘em, you are stuck with them!) then you need to incorporate the three samples into one track. You can take the samples instore if you want, we will have a full set up for you to do so, or you can take them home with you for the duration of the competition. As soon as you choose your three releases, you have EXACTLY one week to get the track back to us, (and if you needed to take anything away with you, that too) and a panel of local band members and producers pick their best from the bunch

Go DIY, go big, record at home or do it in a studio, go vintage or go high tech, we don’t care, just go for it, three samples from three releases on one track.

We will choose three winners, and will have some cracking prizes for them. Hell, we might even release a wee run of free mix tapes for the top ten. There will also be an additional prize for the weirdest mix, and we will be videoing every day in the shop too for folk sampling their picks instore.

NHC Records will rent out NHC MUSIC for a full 5 days. Tuesday 13th to Sunday 17th June. In that time anyone can book out a 90 minute slot to come in and do the samples on the premises. Slots will be up online soon. Entry to the competition will be a £3 donation to NHC for closing their shop all ruddy week, that will cover any losses they make from that end, and also covers any equipment rental we need to get in. The prizes will be covered by us of course, as will any other wee costs we may have missed.

If you live too far to pop in personally you can still take part, as we will have some ‘super mystery guest pickers’ available, 4 of them to be precise, and they will choose samples for you, sample them here, video it as they do it, and transfer them across for you to do the rest at home. You can do that from anywhere in the world, but you still have EXACTLY one week from getting the samples, to get them back to us.

NHC have promised us that between now and the date, they will attempt to collect as many weird and wonderful lp’s to add to the pot for you to choose from, so expect some crazy crates to dig through for the perfect samples. We will also offer any registered bands with NHC to take part by firing their releases into the mix if they want.

Interested? Then let us know. We still need to iron some bits and bobs out with folk who are a lot more tech-headed than myself (I am a self confessed Luddite after all) and it’s all just a bit of fun really, and as we work with folk who do this type of thing full time, we thought why the hell not. 2018 should be interesting and exciting, let’s make it stay that way. For the record (no pun intended) no profit will be made from this at all, it will actually cost us to put the comp on in the long run, as with our buddies over at the main NHC, it’s never about the cash, in 2018 at NHC Records, it’s all about the music.


* Some additional tech bits;

It's our intention to set up a small ripping station complete with studio monitors, technic 1210s, a Mac with DAW, and various controllers/mpcs/synths in the shop for anyone that wants to do it on location.  We are also looking for some lovely promotional sponsors such as local labels or studios to get involved!