Rats From A Sinking Ship - Fight The Future - Album Review

I usually don’t do music reviews these days, I am more of a ‘stand alone article’ type of writer now. The reason for this is simple, I'm just not very good at describing music any more, It’s weird to be honest, it’s almost like, after describing it for years, I have run out of new words to tell you about what I am hearing, and how what I am hearing makes me feel.

I tend to fall into the same old labelling traps that other reviewers before me have stumbled into, and I hate this, as I don’t like labelling music or bands. Pigeon-holes are for pigeons. (I have never actually seen a pigeon in a hole though so no idea where that saying comes from, but that’s probably a thread distraction for another article…).

I do make occasional music review exceptions. Bands I love to listen to myself are bands that I want to talk about, and bands I want you to love just as much as I do. Misery isn’t the only thing that loves company, music does too, especially angry, aggressive, passionate music that demands to be heard. The new album from Rats From A Sinking Ship is that very music.

It’s called Fight The Future. I think that’s a title we can all get behind these day. Another thing we can probably all get behind (well, the majority of us on this side of the austerity/Tory cosh anyway) is the absolutly believable power of the anger on display. It’s raw, it’s honest, and it’s scarily relatable. This isn’t just hurried words pressed to paper by some half-arsed rhyming wordsmith and then slung over some catchy guitars and a banging bassline. That kind of bland, display anger can get fucked to be honest. It has no place in my head. Rats From A Sinking Ship are a very different beast altogether. You don’t just hear what these guys are saying, you feel it. It buries its roots deep into your head, right in the core, and once it’s in there it ain’t coming out.

RFASS have always been quite an angry bunch, and I have always loved them for it, but this time they hit more serious marks left right and centre and rarely miss targets that they set their rancorous sights upon, if ever. With song titles such as Katie Fucking Hopkins and A Disgusting Filthy Rag, you kind of know what to expect from the off. The bands signature crunching guitars and Lusty’s own unique, venom filled vocals are on form from the first song to the last. This is a band at the top of their game and they know it, and that’s a bloody good thing. The album is mostly on the heavier side of punk, but with a dash of hip hop, and another dash of guitar driven metal at points throughout... again though, I am loathe to label it as any specific genre as it doesn’t seem to fit any one style more than any other for me, but rather straddles a few different styles all at once.

Anger doesn’t need to fit into any specific styles or situations, so why should music? Division, austerity, hate, fascism and all the horrors that follow them should be stood against, and fought wherever we meet it, society is crumbling and all most of us do is watch it happen. Rats From A Sinking Ship take that ruination head on, in Fight The Future, and it is a fucking glorious listen from start to finish.

Fight The Future? Aye. Aye we should. Let this be your soundtrack.

The lads are playing The Hug N Pint on the 17th March, 7.30 doors and £7 on the door, don't you dare miss them!