The Big Glasgow Pub Crawl Part Two - The Hall / Inn Deep / The Henglers Circus

So here it is, part two of what will be a massive bloody booze crawl round every single pub and club in Glasgow, all rated, all chatted about, and all aiming towards our top twenty watering holes by the end of the year.

It's a mammoth task to be honest, and the NHC MUSIC volunteers wont be doing it on their own, as they would quite like to have fully functioning (well, as good as can be expected for us anyway) livers by the end of the year. That is why we have also recruited a bunch of NHC fans, the people of Glasgow who we chat to on our page and groups, to help us hunt down the best bloody boozer in the city... and probably the worst too.

Anyway, let's get to the boozer chat and see what we thought Marks out of ten will be given for prices, quality, selection, toilet access/cleanliness and there is an 'Other' section to catch everything else we think of, including general cleanliness, friendliness, staff, music, and anything not covered by other marks.

The Hall

I remember coming into this bar when I was an actual student in Glasgow, now I just feel a bit like the drunken old creep hanging about with the young 'uns and trying to blend in. For the record, I can't, but then again, I have never been very good at blending! To be fair on the Hall, as young as the clientele seem to me, the booze on offer is not too shabbily priced. It tastes good, and there are plenty of other things on offer here to while away the time too, such as pool, games systems, giant screens at both sides of the bar... they even have a printer that students can use. So if you fancy a no strings no fuss drink then this could be the place for you.

Drink Prices - 7/10  Drink Quality 8/10  Drink Selection 7/10  Toilets 7/10  Other 7/10

Total Marks For The Hall -  36/50

Inn Deep

Inn Deep is a Scottish gem of a bar, situated right on the banks of the river coursing through the West End of Glasgow. It has had a bit of a makeover recently, but it hasn't changed much for me to be honest, as I always thought it was a great place to pop in for a beer and some grub anyway, it's just bigger now is all! Drink prices are fair for what's on offer, the booze selection, from draught to bottles, is bloody fantastic, and the food is spot on. The place is not only dog friendly, but from what I can see it is dog encouraged, and the staff have seemed friendly enough anytime I have been there. I honestly don't have a bad word to say about the place, apart from the fact that the stairs have been rather troublesome when I have partaken of a bit too much Black Rat cider. That's more of a 'me' problem, than a 'them' problem though.

Drink Prices - 8/10  Drink Quality 10/10  Drink Selection 9/10  Toilets 9/10  Other 9/10

Total Marks For Inn Deep -  45/50

The Henglers Circus

This huge Wetherspoons bar was first on our booze-route tonight, so went in sober to this one and decided to order some food while we were here. First niggle was the fact that it took bloody ages to get served in the first instance, with repeated 'get you in a wee second mate' being met with yet another new addition to the bar being served before me. It wasn't busy, so it's not really hard to serve those who are there first, and it really is a pet hate of mine, especially witnessing ten bloody minutes of watching new additions get served, and get seated. Food was decent enough, and prices and selection were decent enough too. It is what it is really, a no frills food serving bar. Shame about the service though, or this would could have been a better score all over.

Drink Prices - 7/10  Drink Quality 6/10  Drink Selection 7/10  Toilets 6/10  Other 4/10

Total Marks For Henglers Circus -  30/50

**Re-Visit / Right Of Argument** Rules

Just in case the bars think they have been hard done by, or folk think we are being bias in any of our reviews, bars are offered the chance to have us back for a re-visit, and on top of that, YOU , the punters of our great city, are offered the chance to do your own review, if we have both a well put forward counter review, and an offer of return for the one bar, then we will look at going back and seeing if we agree with the new review on offer, and will consider changing some of our scores. THIS CAN ONLY HAPPEN ONCE PER BAR - we would hate to think we caught a good bar on a bad day, so this is our way round that!