The Room Of Mundane Things Album Review - Charlotte Louise

SALLY LEARNS is opening track into the amazingly psychedelic and experimental album THE ROOM OF MUNDANE THINGS from Glasgow dwelling artist Kevin Kennie and co who make up the SCARLET INSIDE Project. Chilling in a soft fashion, the sound of a child laughing as they play with toys in an off beat manner gradually devises the sense of unease and menace. Fusing repetitive guitar with a variety of off kilter beats and synth results in a truly splendid and unique sound.

Following on THE ROOM OF MUNDANE THINGS starts with a harmony of thick bass and passionate Latin style acoustic guitar. Calmer synth provides a soothing foundation to support the vocals. Loved the line "from dust to rust all fades to pale" as a gothic harpsichord begins to tease the now rockier, brave guitar solo, taking the spot light. Really loved this track, it craved imagery of the princess dancing with the character seduction from the movie "Legend" with every synth harpsichord note played. Guitar playing gives the track a dash of firm rock that sits well amongst the multifaceted arrangement of genres ranging from the trippy to ornate baroque.

IN OUR DREAMS WE CAN FLY immediately lightens the mood with charming guitar, piano and synth. Singing "from deep within the soil we rise" conveys the freedom that one has when in dream land. Minor chord changes add to the feeling of the otherworldly. DEAD PEOPLES THINGS FOR SALE swoops in to engage the darker side, a perfect counterpart to the previous etheral track, creating tension with background elements, synth that sounds almost post apocalyptic and the repetitive bass notes tapping away.

POISON SIGNALS is a union of eclectic beats and tempo that harvest the indefinable sound SCARLET INSIDE have so brilliantly crafted. SEE HOW SHE MOVES starts with a mythical like horn sound which invites a lone guitar to play alongside the gentle and steady drum beat. Lyrics "see how she flies on the star speckled mirror" reflect the atmosphere of being in an otherworldly place. String synth adds an element of romance, the perfect accompaniment to this piece. It's one track I found myself in duality both relaxed and philosophical at the same time.

I HAVE NOT forges mechanical percussion and synth with steady drums which create a dystopian aura to the track. A ghostly guitar layers feeling of unease and loneliness as a series of trippy synth sounds culminate in a slow drawn drum beat until the track is submerged in sheer psychedelic bliss with deep bass and various synth, beats and tones. PUZH follows on along a similar, thought provoking tone as the track before. This psychotropic interlude bridges the gap nicely to final track EGRESS. The drums play easily alongside a glowing guitar. This album is an experience, a sensory wander from the darkest shadows of the mind to the most liberating fantasies of dream land. You won't leave the record with a hook lodged in your mind necessarily however, you will feel passenger on the most unique journey without having left your seat. Suffice to say I'm firmly obsessed now!