Be Part Of Our Big Year At NHC MUSIC, And Help Us, Help Others

2018 has already brought new challenges with it for NHC MUSIC. We have high hopes to do some pretty amazing things this year, much more than any year before, including bigger events, a paperless Glasgow/Edinburgh gig ticket drive, (save some paper, save some trees!) more work with local charities such as Westgap, and an expansion of our Heat The Homeless and Books For Bairns campaigns that we kicked off so well in 2017. That is on top of all our work we already do helping local bands, craftspeople, and artists self fund, record, gig, promote, and generally survive within a difficult sector.

Unfortunately we have more obstacles in front of us this year too, our rent has already took a steep jump two months into the new year, as have all our bills, which takes us 30% above our monthly outgoings for last year, every single month (and starting it off in our quietest trade three months of the year no less!). For a not for profit like NHC MUSIC, that is pretty much a life or death jump in outgoings. We can manage it, but only just, and the money we put out both helping people within the art and music scene and other local charities will take a hit because of it.

We find that hit on helping others absolutely unacceptable, and will strive day and night to make sure that it doesn't happen. We do so much work helping others that we just will not accept a knock on effect to that part of what we do, not on my watch. We want that part to get bigger, to flourish, not to stagnate.

It's already too bloody hard out there for some people as it is for us to let that happen.

With that being said, there are some excellent ways below that you the people can help us thrive in 2018 and do what we do best, there are four of them below for you to check out, and if you can help us then please do, because as always, without YOU having our back, we wouldn't exist.


Our new Patreon site is now live, and it will hopefully be our main source of funding in 2018. There is a fantastic selection of perks available, and even more coming when we reach target goals per month. You can be part of the patreon from as little as the cost of a pint of decent lager every month. So help us feed the music, and not the corporations by truly becoming part of our work!

The big cd or vinyl deal

We only have a couple of the vinyl deal left, but have about twenty of the cd deals still available to buy, so fill yer boots and find some new music to love today! Both posts are below for you, and if you like one, payment can be made via paypal to; – then pm the page with your address too! Top link here is the cd mixed bundles for a tenner, 2nd link is the 12” vinyl bundle for twenty!

Sponsor us as either a personal sponsor, or as a business sponsor

We are always looking for personal sponsors, and corporate / business sponsors to help us carry out our great work too, there are also great deals to be had with both, and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg either, check the links with more info on that here;

Personal sponsors (Yearly)

Business sponsors (Yearly)

donate stock to us

As a not for profit shop, the majority of our stock comes from donations from people just like yourself having clear outs. We take pretty much anything to be honest, from records to c d's and dvd's, from old computer games and consoles, to old VHS tapes. From old toys, to old comics, and any books you have too! We also always look for old band t-shirts, vintage music magazines and merchandise, and old musical instruments and amps, even if they need repaired! If in doubt, drop it in, as if we don't use it, then one of the local charities we work with will, and nothing gets wasted at NHC!

So please do help us with anything you can, as again without you, we are nothing.


Feed The Music – Not The Corporations