NHC Needs Your Help, Especially If You Are Having A Clear Out

It’s that time again folks, the time of year that we beg, borrow, and... beg again, for stock to keep us open throughout the year, so we can keep helping out the musicians and artists we love and the other charities that so need the help! This year has a bit of an added urge for stock though, as we have finally had our rent upped from this month onward, (being based in the apparently swanky Finnieston area of thew city means we expected it to be honest...) but we have been here for three years, it is our home, and we don’t want to move. This means making that wee bit extra every month really is important to us, the people we help, and the work we do within the local music and arts scene.

Remember that we essentially operate as a charity shop, meaning the only reason our doors stay open is if we get regular stock donations, just like any other charity shop. Even though we prefer music related items, we literally do take anything! Things we regularly need are records, cd's, old games and games systems, books, musical instruments and amps (even ones that need repaired!), cassette tapes, any and all music memorabilia, vintage music mags, old music posters, old band t-shirts,and old vhs videos. If you have anything else though, literally anything we could sell, then we will take that off you too, as we distribute what we cannot use to other local charity shops, that way nothing gets wasted.

We also offer house clearances where we can, and can arrange collection on our end for large lots, but please do think of us with your next clear out, as your donation really may be the only thing that keeps us open this year, and keeps us doing the good work we do!

As a sidenote we are also registering bands and labels again this year at a reduced price, and we also desperatly need sponsors again for the coming year, check this article for more info on that; http://www.newhellfireclub.co.uk/news/2018/1/6/the-2018-registration-sponsorship-sale-is-now-on