What To Expect With A Visit To The Ice Box – Glasgow's Newest Arts And Music Space

Some of you have been wondering about making day visits to The Ice Box, as we have been chatting about that for a wee while too, and we do fully plan to have both the arts space and the shop space open day and night, 7 days a week from Feb onward.

So what should you expect to find in there when you visit outwith an event?

Well let us tell you a bit about what to expect., even though you wont really be able to experience it until you visit it.

When we are open for walk ins our serving area will have a fantastic selection of beverages (hot and cold ones) at great prices, and we will also serve a great range of snacks for you too. There will also be free Wi-Fi for customers, so if you are from the nearby college then you can pop in, grab a coffee and a snack without breaking the bank, and get some work done while music from our excellent selection of new and independent bands and musicians plays in the background.

New and independent music? Yep. We guarantee that music played will only be from local and independent bands, mostly the fantastic assortment of over 400 registered with our partners at NHC MUSIC. That way you can find something new to love every single day. You can even request your favourite album to go on, and if we stock it we will oblige. Then why not buy it yourself? If we play it, then we should have it available for sale in the arts space itself, or in the music and books shop that you entered through via the hidden door behind the record rack… (ach go on, if you had the chance to build a hidden door that opened into a huge venue space, you totally would too…).

The reason we only play music from independent, new, or local acts is because you can go into any other place these days and hear the same old tunes, day in and day out. That's fine, if that is what you are after, but that's not us. One of our jobs is to help NHC MUSIC promote new and exciting music, and help local artists self fund, create, and make the Glasgow music scene stronger than it has ever been. That can only benefit everyone after all.

So there is beverages and snacks, and cracking live music, and a hidden door, but what else is there, is there stuff to do? Can you bring your kids in? Are we dog friendly?

I can answer that with YES. YES. YES.

We bloody love dogs at The Ice Box, hell we love all pets, and we will try and make it as friendly and comfortable for them as we do for you. We have established we are pet friendly, but are we kid friendly? Yep. They are also more than welcome, in fact we encourage you to bring them with you, as this space is especially suited to kids as it is for those of us who still act like kids! What will we have for them?

Well how about a big scalextric table with a selection of cars you can race until your wee heart's content? Check. A pool table? Check. Not like pool? Then what about an air hockey table? Check. Maybe you are more of a games person? Then we have a ton of them too, from board games to computer games (vintage and new!), and a large pull down screen for the latter? Check. Maybe you are looking for something a little more interesting and educational to get your teeth into? Well, we will have constant exhibitions surrounding you, which will change every 6 weeks, from artwork exhibitions, to things a little bit… well… weirder.

What about treating yourself? We have a selection of wonderful snacks for you and yours, and you can even get some fresh popcorn, or make your own candyfloss in our new machine, and we haven't even started on our extensive, and inexpensive mocktail selection. Hell you can even while away your time on our inhouse piano, or grab a book to read while you drink your coffee, and I haven’t even started on our weird and wonderful decor yet.

When you book a night for your event, be it music, movie, burlesque, or a private function, you can keep some things in the room if you like from our day stands, or we can put it all away for you. It’s your event after all

You see, when we keep saying this isn't like any other place you've visited in Glasgow, we really mean it. It will take a wee while to fully set up, and no doubt we will change some stuff as we go on, but we don't just want you to visit us, we want you to stay a while, and bring the family.

We have so many amazing things to show you in 2019, that we can promise.