NHC MUSIC Chats To Rats From A Sinking Ship

Hello again folks, and welcome back to the NHC MUSIC website for another chat with one of our favourite bands in the UK right now. We loved the music so much that we have a new release hitting the new venue soon, (link at the bottom to buy) it’s a brand new 4 track 7” EP, and we have a video from one of the tracks connected below too so you really should check that out. These guys are from way outside our usual Glasgow home, but distance doesn’t matter, as powerful music wins out over distance every time! Not only are the tight with the music, they are also one of the most ethical groups we have worked with, but let’s not get too bogged down just now, let them tell you about things themselves;

Hi there, and thanks for taking the time to sit down for an interview with us! A few of our volunteers love the music you guys have been writing and performing over the last few years, and you have probably been the most regular out of town band across our social network feeds the past two years, but for the website readers new to both your music, and just the website in general, could you start us off by telling us a bit about yourself, and a bit about how you guys became rats from a sinking ship?

I have been at it a long time now with various acts and the last Rats album was in fact the 13th I've released. I had the idea for Rats for a long time before I finally got the wheels in motion and formed the band. I wanted a fresh sound and thought the best way of that would be Me, a hip hop head who likes punk working with a Punk who likes hip hop and that made Me think of Jamie. After a brief brainstorm it fell into place very quickly.

There has been a few times in the past that we were a bit stumped when asked to catergorise your musical style by others. We could have you guys on a hip hop night, punk night, hell even a metal night. Do you get this a lot from fans? What would your answer to that question be, or do you think it's even an important question at all?

It is a reoccurring question, and one I still don't really have a answer for either. As I mentioned before the concept was to fuse Hip Hop with Punk, Rock and even a dash of Indie and Ska. I actually like the fact it stumps people and its very hard to pigeon hole us.

Your recent track releases have been quite an angry bunch overall (We are all in agreement though with the subject matter though, the S** should be binned at all opportunities, and sport hunters are cunts that deserve a taste of their own medicine) but would you say that more songs need to be pointing out injustices and be more political these days? We have had the talk a few times at NHC that music should be a weapon again for the downtrodden, and something to inspire those who need inspiration the most, and not the watered down chart pop that seems to be more prevalent than ever. What's your thoughts on that?

I totally agree. Its more important than ever to look out for the underdog. We all need a voice in these very trying and testing times. The mainstream music that is churned out by the dumpster load sounds like the same meaningless dross on loop. I honestly believe we need a 'Punk' to happen far more now than we did in 76. People are constantly encourage to dumb down. The problem is those who have something to say are been silenced by having no outlet to voice their message apart from a small corner of the internet somewhere.

Since we have been working with you guys, we have actually opened up a great channel of communication with some Scottish Sabs and have a big summer fundraiser planned for them, as well as regular donations from the release. Is there any other charities or causes you guys feel strongly about supporting these days, especially ones you have supported as a band in the past?

We have played gigs for Food banks, Care for Calais, Palestine and Syria. The hunt Sab's cause is one very close to my heart. Its great that our music is opening channels no matter how small. If it makes one person question something then great!

What bands or musicians would you say inspired you to take up the mic/instruments in the first place? Was it another musician, or was it something more personal? Are there any other bands from outside Glasgow that you love yourself and our readers should listen out for?

For Me it was early Hip Hop. Luckily I lived through the golden era, (for Me 84-94) I don't listen to modern Hip Hop as it says nothing to me. Apart from a few artists who fly the flag it has nothing to say at all and has become part of the problem for dumbing down. I grew up on Public Enemy, Gang Starr, Rakim and BDP. Artists that actually mattered and stood for something other than the dollar!

We have heard some big love from a lot of the bands we already support in Glasgow for you guys, especially from the chibs and the fuck ups, who have had the honour of supporting you guys twice now. Any chance of a colab any time soon?

We have a lot of love for Glasgow, a lot of love. It is our spiritual home for sure. Such an important city for the Rats. This is why we have chosen it twice now to launch the last album and now the E.P. The crowd and atmosphere are always amazing and I'm already itching to get back. I would love to do something with the Glasgow acts someday, I think that could be very stimulating.

Check out the new video release for Love Is The Answer, from the brand new EP here;

‘Love Is The Answer' lead track from the forthcoming 'With Love and Violence EP limited edition 4 track 7 inch vinyl.

Cheers again guys for the chat, and for our readers who are curious to hear and read more from the band themselves, head over to their Facebook page and give them a like to follow what comes next. I am sure whatever it is, it’ll be exciting, or grab their new release below and we will post the bad boy out as soon as it hits the venue, or grab some love is the answer T-Shirts below on their own website link!

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