The Sweet - Glasgow 09/12/18 - A. Main

There's a man up the back............who thought the SWEET gig would have been full of ladies of a certain vintage using the event as their office Christmas night out.

A mess of shangalangs is the collective term.

Adorned with poundland battery operated Christmas lights, some tinsel, and a Santa hat that has SEXY embroidered around the white faux fur trim, they would be drunkenly shouting for SLADE or WIZZARD songs between trips to the toilet to take a drink from the bottle of vodka Sandra smuggled in.

That man up the back was me, and thankfully I was wrong.

Instead the audience was predominantly men of a certain age that would have been kids and teenagers at the time SWEET were chartbusters.
Men who would have then gone on to sample the rock acts that followed.
In short they were real fans rather than casual day trippers looking for an alternative to a Christmas pantomime this festive season.

The sort of guys who are always in attendance at AC/DC or Black Sabbath, and that is as it should be because SWEET are a rock band.

It's something that is too often overlooked when distracted by the bubblegum hits because these guys can rock, and they did.

From start to finish they delivered with the obvious hits, a smattering of album tracks, an interlude of a semi acoustic set, even more hits, and they stitched it all together with some easy chat that let you think that it was less of a performance and more a gathering of like minded mates just hanging out.

And building that kind of communal camaraderie is the special sauce to a show.

A little bit of it serves to make a good gig a great gig, and this was a great gig.
There's no other way to describe it. This was a great gig.
Zero filler, no slack to be picked up on, and just good times rolling into more good times.

We danced, we sang, we smiled, we did a bit of hellraising, and we laughed.
We laughed and smiled a lot.
It was the best of times and.....well it was just the best of times.

Seeing SWEET was a bucket list gig for me. I wanted to tick them off it, and then that would be an itch scratched, but it ended up more than that.

I'd certainly go and see them again, and I would advise anyone who has even the slightest itch to scratch it too because you simply won't regret it.

If I was going to have a top ten list of best gigs of 2018 then SWEET just crashed the top three.