NHC MUSIC Talks To Hi Fi Stacy

Hello there Hi Fi Stacy! It's great to have you chatting on the website, we are always trying to expand a bit with regards to the music side of what we do, so I’m always excited when bands join up from outwith the country. Please start us off then by telling our readers a bit about yourself, where are you guys from, and how long have you been together as a band?

The band started in 2013 with me, Matt Kirby on drums and Ele on guitar and vocals, we tried few guitar and bass players, went through a couple of lineup changes and we've finally found the right shape in 2015 with Mattia on lead guitar and Jack on bass. We come from a small town in Italy called Padua, very close to Venice.

Tell us about the name, where did that come from? Was there any other names in the mix or was Hi Fi Stacy the first, and the best name you came up with?

I guess picking the right name for a band is the hardest call you have to make! Ahaha of course we had few ideas but we wanted something short and easy, we saw this old ad picture with a girl with a boombox on her shoulder, you know one of those heavy hifi portable stereo you have to carry in the 80's. We wanted something focused on a girl name, so we thought that girl could be our HiFI Stacy. :)

We generally don't like to genre-pigeonhole bands too often at NHC MUSIC, but Hi Fi Stacy could certainly fit well with some of the well respected hard rock bands we have already registered with us! Are you, and your music, inspired by other hard rock bands who have came before? Is there anyone you would say inspired you to play this particular style?

We all love classic hard rock, but every member in the band has a personal taste, Jack is the more “metal-ish” dude he loves Metallica, Mattia came from big guitar guys like Van Halen and George Lynch of Dokken so very much 80's oriented. Ele is a HUGE fan of bands like Halestorm and The Pretty Reckless but she loves Iron Maiden too and I personally grew up with Motley Crue and Ozzy, so I think we're a weird blend between classic heavy bands and modern rock.

We have to admit to not knowing much (yet!) about the Italian rock scene. Is it quite a healthy local music scene from where you are? We find Glasgow seems to punch well above it's weight these days for music quality, would you say Padua has a similar live music scene?

Not really! Ahahaha. Seriously, we have few bands around, some of them are good, some are not. Some are a little bit overrated they wanna act like pros in their social network pages, you know you wanna look like a big fish in your own swimming pool, even if you don't play at all ! and that's a very BAD attitude, but that makes them irresistible! We can't say there's a proper music scene, Padua hasn't much to offer, it's very hard to perform live, bands are strugglin', one day you're in a small bar and the other day you're in a festival, it's inconsitent. We're doing our best trying to play as much as we can, we're very down to earth guys, our goal is reaching more and more people every year, meeting new friends and new bands.

What about travelling, do you try to play other countries when you can? Any tours lined up in 2019, and have you any desire to perhaps travel up our neck of the woods for a gig at some point?

We like the UK “vibe” .The people, the club owners are just amazing with us, so ABSOLUTELY we would love to play there again, and I'm sure Glasgow will be on the list. If you want us it'll be a pleasure to share the stage with your local acts.

What other bands should our readers check out? Is there any other stand out local acts you know that we should keep our eyes, and ears open for?

Well I have to say they're not exactly local for us (maybe for you guys...) but the bands Noose, and Knives from Nottingham caught our attention and we really like their music, also I personally like Rats from a sinking ship and Ryan Hamilton and the harlequin ghosts too. So check out their music, you won't be disappointed

Any new releases or exciting things planned for 2019 yet that you can tell us about, or that we should be looking out for?

We're planning on hitting up the studio for a brand new single. The song is called “The Last In Line” and it'll be also our new video.

The floor is now yours! Anything else you want to tell our readers before we finish up?

Support independent music. We've plenty of talented bands, so do yourself a favour, go out, have a beer and listen to some NEW and ORIGINAL music. I'm sure you're gonna find your next favourite band. They're just not in arenas now. They need YOU.
Thank you guys we're happy to be part of the NHC family, can't wait to hit UK again, probably around september/october 2019 check out our page
www.facebook.com/hifistacyofficial and our video “You Give me Shame”

Give us a message if You like it !

Ciao from Italy. HI FI STACY