Become A Small Trader Partner With The Ice Box

Are you an online trader, or small trader from outside Glasgow who is looking for somewhere to sell inside Glasgow? Are you selling items that are music, movie, or craft related? Would you love to have a selection of your items sold in a music / books / movies shop with a guaranteed influx of regular customers, both during the day, and night? Then this might be the offer for you.

NHC MUSIC already sells music and crafts from individuals on a registration basis, but we want to help some of you small business and website start ups too, that is why we will offer six of you (and only six) access to sell your products through our shop/venue and website. The offer will include promotion through our online channels, a good mention on our traders poster in the shop, and your business cards or flyers handed out in our carrier bags with every sale (if you have them!).

This is not the offer we do for solo craftspeople or musos, or even self published writers, all of you guys can register on the normal band registration and get the same perks, including fee free distribution and promotion, the link for that is here.

This is an offer for those of you trying to start, or already operating your own small business, selling things that fit in with our new place. It could be music related, movie related, sci fi, gothic, or horror related. It could be kitsch items, t-shirts, records, jewellery, if it fits in with the items we already sell then we would love to have you involved, six of you anyway!

The deal is simply this, for £30 per month we will stock a selection of your stock for you (think enough to fill a metre squared table, but arranged around the shop), we will also sell it online via our website. (both with no extra fees attached per sale, at all) We will advertise you, and you can rotate your stock as and when you wish, then every month we will update you on sales, pay you the money, and ask for more stock to replace what has sold (but we will let you know every week when stock needs replaced!). We will have a fully linked up advert too for you on the website (linked to wherever you like) and we won't need a contract. You pay the £30 per month upfront each month via automatic subscription, and if it doesn't work out for you, cancel it before you start another month. Simple.

It works for us as it keeps our stock rotated and interesting, it works for you as it gives you a busy place to sell your stock in and advertises your business as it grows. Let us both grow together!

You can register for the service here;

(If you are unsure your items are a good fit for what we do then pm us via this website, we reserve the right to refuse stock if we don't think it will fit in with the ICE BOX but you will be fully refunded if that is the case!)