The Interrupters - The Garage (Glasgow) 26/11/18 - A. Main

It would be fair to say that The Interrupters are currently riding the crest of a wave of popularity, but their story isn't one of over night success. It's a far cry from the rags to riches fairy tale that some may be trying to sell us.

Instead what we are witnessing with heir sold out UK tour dates is the culmination of seven years of hard graft.

This moment in the spotlight has been hard won, and like anything that has taken blood sweat and tears to achieve it's doubtful that now that they have a firm grip on this rung of the ladder that they will relinquish their grip on it.

And that is as it should be.

Seven years in and their story is really just starting. Their train is just leaving the station and while the destination is unknown it certainty looks like stadium stages are going to feature as stop off points on their journey.

Don't dismiss this as hyperbole.

When asked a week ago where the stadium acts of tomorrow were hiding out I can admit that the company that I was in couldn't think of any that had the potential to step up and secure mass global adulation, but now like a bolt of lightning The Interrupters visited Glasgow and threw their hats in the ring as sole contenders for that crown.

And to go further, after experiencing them live in full flow, it's not just conceivable to think of them as being able to grace a stadium stage, but it's also relatively easy to imagine them progressing to legendary status.

Right at this moment in time they are reminiscent of Green Day as they stood on the cusp of taking over the world.

Todays ska punk hero's, tomorrow Beatles or Stones?

Are The Interrupters a sign of the wheel turning and the ushering in of the return of the rock superstars who strode like behemoths from country to country gathering armies of fans?

Who knows, but I certainly hope so.

Like The Clash they seem more than able to spread their wings and break free from their punk rock roots while simultaneously maintaining them as part of their DNA.

It's a heady thought trying to consider what comes next for them. The potential on display gives your imagination flight and everything seems possible for them

Suffice to say the band grabbed the debut night of their UK tour and gave it their all to make it a memorable experience for everyone in attendance.

Those who dragged themselves out on a cold wintry Monday night in Glasgow to witness the band are now in the privileged position of being able to say "I was there" and know that that means something special.