The First Ice Box Exhibition – A Celebration Of Scottish Gig Photographers

One of the main things we wanted to do at The Ice Box was to have art exhibitions, photography exhibitions, essentially any and all exhibitions to be honest as an arts space should be used at all times! If we always have something on, then there is always something for the good people of Glasgow to look at, engage with, and learn about whenever they pop in, whether they are there for an event, or just there for a coffee and to check the place out.

All our exhibitions will be in the main event space, and will be attached to the walls on both sides, and will be there during all events, and also during daytime opening hours. The first night of each exhibition will have a launch event, then run for at least two weeks.

So the burning question then is this, what will the first ICE BOX exhibition be? Well, from the very start of NHC MUSIC's gigging life, we have worked with one set of dedicated, hard working, and talented people more than most. Those people are gig photographers, and the amazing shots they have produced, time and time again, adorn the Facebook pages we work from online and most of the articles on this very website. They give life to the gigs we promote long after the gigs end. Both The Ice Box and NHC MUSIC want to honour each and every gigtog we have worked with in the past, and also talented ones we haven't worked with (we are open to all!) so on that note, we want to open up our first exhibition, and the new venue space, to all gig photographers of Scotland. We will display 3 x A3 sized images of your favourite gig photographs, as well as one non gig photograph (the non gig photograph is entirely optional, but we thought it would be good to show other work from each photographer too!) and we also want a wee paragraph off you about each photograph and why you chose it. We will also display all your contact details for folk to get in touch with you, and will have a couple of shared stands available on the event/shop floor for you to sell some of your prints too, and you will get 100% of your cash back for each sale.

This first exhibition will have it's own launch night at the end of January, and that will also be your first chance to see the new space before any big events too, and it will run for three weeks. If you want to take part, then fire in your interest to us as soon as you can, as spaces will be limited.