Jelly For Breakfast! : A review of the EP by Multistorey Lover - Jenny Tingle

Multistorey Lover are: Kris Dye (vocals and harmonica), Andy McDonald (guitar),  Owen Toole (bass), James Donaldson (drums)

Photo credit : Gareth King Photography

Artwork by Kris Dye

The Verdict: One hell of a first EP!

Multistorey Lover’s unique sound blends old-school hard rock and sexy blues rhythms with the extra added bite of modern mastering and recording equipment.

Jelly For Breakfast brilliantly encapsulates the sound and live energy of Multistorey Lover. I always enjoy seeing this four-man powerhouse from Perth live. As an interesting side-note, the eye-catching artwork on the EP’s cover is drawn by vocalist Kris Dye, who works as a tattoo artist during the day.

“Miss Voodoo” kicks off the EP with sultry use of a wah pedal and a slinky drumbeat.  Soon enough though, the band explode into a heavy, hard-hitting groove, and Kris’ smooth crooning switches to dark, gritty howls. Filthy guitar distortion and powerful bass from Andy and Owen complement and support perfectly. During gaps between singing, Kris gets out his harmonica, another thing which is enjoyed at their live shows. Five-out-of-five for this hard-rocking blues ballad about a black magic femme fatale.


“Deadman Blues” is a straight-up, energetic hard rock number. Drummer James is a source of envy and inspiration for me, with precisely smashed-out grooves and tom fills.

“Funky Tree” swings itself along at a slightly slower pace. It’s lyrically more bleak, but never winds down enough seem melancholy. For the record, I still have no idea what the titular Funky Tree is, but still enjoyed listening very much.

“Electric Love” is almost like an end-credits track to the other 3 songs before it.

The intensity and pace of the EP still doesn’t let up. This final song on Jelly For Breakfast has more room to showcase Andy’s skills on guitar. Drums are pounded relentlessly, accompanied by punchy basslines and a police siren. Kris’s screams grow in pitch until an explosive, but carefully not overdone finale.

“Jelly For Breakfast” is a hard-rocking, harder-partying escape from everyday life.

Whether you Download this EP, see Multistorey Lover live, or even get a tattoo done by Kris, support these guys if you can please, ‘cos they’re awesome!