Rats From A Sinking Ship Gig Preview - Nov 10th The Flying Duck

We rarely gig out of the shop these days, and now that we have our own venue on the way that out of our own place gigging will drop down to zero. The thing is though, we would always have gigging space for the band we are bringing back to Glasgow on Saturday the 10th. No matter where we had to hold the event! That band are Rats From A Sinking Ship, and we can hand on heart say that they are one of the best bands we have ever had the honour of hosting in our five year history.

This isn't any old gig either, this is the Scottish release gig for the amazingly savage sounding 4 track 7 inch vinyl 'With Love and Violence' EP, released on our very own NHC record label. It's our first ever band release, and the reason for that, again, is because the band are so fucking good.

Have you seen them live yet? No? The you better get your arse to The Flying Duck on the 10th November at 7pm. On support we have punk headcases The Chibmarks, Hard Hitters The Fuck Ups, and very special guest openers The Nyah Fearties.

I know folk always tell you that their gigs are not to be missed. We do it ourselves from time to time, but this time we absolutely bloody mean it. If you miss this gig, you'll be kicking yourself for months.

NHC MUSIC also want to announce here that we will be donating 50p from every EP sale (which we will cover) to a local Hunt Sab organisation. As soon as we confirm what one, we will fire the details up online. We will also be running some more fundraising for them on our new round of charity auctions too as we are proud to support local hunt sabs, just as Rats From A Sinking Ship are.

Fuck the hunters. Blood Sports have no place in a civilised society.

You can pre-order the release on the link below, it arrives with us very soon and is limited to 300 copies, and the event page link is below too, as well as the band page, check them all out!

See you on the 10th!

Event Page / Ticket Link (although you can pay on the door too!)


Pre-sale for EP Link


Rats From A Sinking Ship Facebook