THE ICE BOX – Our Charity Ticket Promise

With our chats regarding how to make our arts space a bit more ethical than the usual event spaces in the country taking precedent with the folks over at NHC MUSIC, we have decided on yet another great thing we can do for the city we love. Well, to be honest we thought about this one a few weeks ago during a recent meeting but decided to wait a wee bit before announcing, as we didn't want to hit you with all our plans at the one time, especially the good ones!

We will keep this article short and sweet, but essentially one of our promises to you is this; The Ice Box, in association with NHC MUSIC promises to donate 50p from EVERY SINGLE TICKET from our own shows (that goes for every single show we do ourselves, be it art, music, theatre, or film) to good causes within the fantastic city of Glasgow.

We firmly believe that music and arts bring great things to every city, but we think we can still do that wee bit more. So every time you buy one of our tickets, you will not only get a fantastic event, you will also be donating to charity. Once again, we think that is a win win for everyone involved. It's just something else we promise to do to make our work as positive and ethical as possible.

We will have a couple of boxes at the door when you go in through the shop, and from the two charities NHC are fundraising for on their auction page that quarter, you get to choose which one your 50p goes into. That way at the end of the quarter the charity funds get a great top up, and we all get to know the money is going to a great cause.

For the first couple of months open we will be getting the cash to both CATFLAP and Refuweegee – two great causes doing very different things in our fantastic city, and both good causes that NHC MUSIC had started fundraising for on their charity page, before this big news came and stalled all their plans!

Don't worry though, the plans will start up just as soon as we officially open our doors again!