Glasgow's Newest Alternative Music and Arts Space is Coming Soon!

So hopefully you will have heard the huge news on Facebook, as we have been sharing the posts far and wide. After 4 years of pushing for it, and multiple 'we came so close' moments, we have finally done it. We have finally managed to secure a new music and arts venue in Glasgow.

We are excited. We are a bit terrified If I am honest. This is huge for us, and hopefully it will be huge for you too, and huge for Glasgow. We are not exactly an organisation of shrinking violets either, so you can be assured that whatever we are doing, it is always going to be different from the norm! So what can you expect from the new venue space? Well there is still a ton of work to be done on that side of things, and meetings to be had with our new funding partners, but we can proudly state that Barry Neeson will be helping design the interior with us. I bet he never thought he would be designing a venue layout any time soon, but if you know his work (his link will be at the foot of the page) then you know that things have just got interesting. Even just in the design department, this will be an arts space like no other. It's in very good hands with Barry.

What other things can we tell you just now? Well, we can tell you the name of the actual venue for starters! The front of house shop will still be NHC MUSIC, we keep that name forever, the venue space at the back of the venue though? That will be called THE ICE BOX (An Official Partner of NHC MUSIC). The cool thing (no ICE BOX pun intended) about the partnership is that you will need to walk through the shop to get to the venue, same on the way back out too, so after any event, whether it be music or art related, we will be promoting our bands music and merch to everyone that passes through. They will hear you, and they will see you, that goes for the work of all our registered artists and craftspeople too (we have plenty of room now!). We will even have a couple of displays in the main venue space. We think it's important to get you out there as much as possible. This was our promise to you since we started, and we aim to keep it.

We now have a ton of work coming up, not only with the new place, but also in the old place too. We need to give it a good send off, it deserves it, so expect some gigs flying up as we have 4 weeks left in there. Fancy helping us give it a send off gig? Then let us know. With the new place we need to start thinking about first acts (who do we choose to open up a new venue space?), shop set up, furniture (our aim is to have as much reclaimed/upcycled stuff in there as possible, zero waste all the way! Or at least as close to zero waste as we can.), new stock, possibly new staff and much more. There will be a new website spot, new deals, a new social media presence, and a whole lot of new ideas so keep your eyes peeled, as it will all be happening over the next 4-8 weeks! We will even be offering folk exclusive deals if they fancy becoming official members of THE ICE BOX, but all that is for another time, there is just too much to get into in the one article!

We want you to know that NHC MUSIC's three main charity campaigns will not only continue, but they will be bigger than ever. Our big auction page (where we choose two charities for a split and raise money over three months for them by auctioning donated items off online) will be re-started again after a wee pause, and the first two charities will still get 3 months fundraising starting from this coming Monday, that's an extra month due to the pause! Those charities are CATFLAP and Refuweegee, and you can support us with that fundraising by donating items for us to auction off, and we really do take anything, we even collect! Our Books For Bairns campaign will not only be ongoing, but larger again, meaning that every two weeks on a weekend day, you can bring your kids in for some free books! Oh, and the Heat The Homeless campaign we do on the run up to Christmas and New Year? Well, that's about to get massive. Glasgow is our city, it's our home, and the more we can do to help it and the good people who live in it, the better.

NHC will still be looking for as much help to make the move go as smooth as possible, we have some links below for new band and solo musician registrations (artists and crafty folk can use the same one, and please note, there is only about a twenty spots left for the next few months at least, so please do register if you can, as time will run out on that offer soon!), and A link for record labels to register too for the best distribution deal around. We also have our CD offer live again, where you can grab a batch of cd's at a crazy low price, and get them delivered to your door too! That will not only help us with some of our moving costs, but also help us clear some of the stock we have in the old shop, so we can move with fresh stuff for the new opening. There will be special offers going up on the page over the next four weeks too, as well as some gig info, sale info, and more. Please do keep donating stock to us over the next four weeks as well though as the shop will continue to operate in the new place as staunchly not for profit, and we need as much new stuff to start our new life off as we can get, so we now desperately need books, CD's, Musical Instruments and Amps, Records, Old Tapes, Computer Games and Consoles (old and new), Old Band T-shirts and any and all music merchandise. Every little helps, and we really do take anything these days, what we don't use, other local charities we work with will.

And now? Well now we start planning the city's newest, most exciting alternative arts and music space, we promised you huge things in the future, we were not kidding!

Check out the awesome Barry Neeson here

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