The 2018 Registration / Sponsorship Sale Is Now On

Since it is the start of a shiny new year at NHC, we have decided on some fantastic offers for you lovely folk, each one meaning you save at least half of what you would have paid originally for the same service, and will also mean that your cash goes right back into the local community again, as usual with all profits made at NHC MUSIC!

There has never been a better time to work with us than now; already in 2018 we have a host of firm plans and changes on the table to help you, your music, your art, your business, and more! We will try and bullet point some changes for you below, for new changes coming in, in the first half of this year, with a few wee plans still held back until we have them finalised! As with our perks, please do keep in contact with us as regularly as you can, and keep checking in with the registered group too, the more you give us, the more we can do for you, as registering with us, then giving us nothing to help promote/sell/co-run means we cannot do our jobs as well as we could. We have a lot of new staff coming one in 2018, so we have even more volunteers available to help you when you need it!

Anyway, on to the sale offers!

***New Band / Solo Musician / Artist / Craftspeople Registration***

The registration is now only £10, and that is for a lifetime registration! Our new way of working in 2018 means that we will be using some grants to offset the costs of rent and utilities in the shop, this means that we can take that cost off your registration fees, making it even more of a bargain for you! This means that you get a walk in shop, and an online shop, to sell your music and merchandise on, and you get 100% of the sales money back, as usual. There is also other perks such as online promotion, booking fee free ticket distribution both online and offline, access to our registered band group, customer focused boosted gig listings for your use, addition to our own busy gig pages, promotion whenever you want it on our main page (just an email away!), access to promotional reviews and interviews on our website, money off perks for things like T-shirt printing, access to support slots throughout the year, help with gig set ups, help with backline rental, advice, and much more!

Extra items added for this year so far?

Addition to our monthly video Youtube playlist, boosted on Facebook for maximum views

Addition to our new monthly mail-out newsletter starting this month, targeting new fans direct to their email

Addition to free use of the shop for unplugged / acoustic instore events, signings, release nights and more

Addition to our cd compilation promo giveaways, or 4 monthly LP compilations

..And there will be more coming too, and all that for a tenner. No more registration payments are made, ever! Our aim is to make your life easier and less expensive in tougher financial times, and that's what we aim to do in 2018! Registration link is right HERE

(p.s. - we do ask that you try and help us promote the shop and the fact that we run the shop on stock donations, just like any other charity shop, stock donations keep us alive, and mean we can direct more money into helping people like you too!)


We are getting new sponsors for the year ahead, and rather than doing different tiers of normal sponsorship to help us do the good work we do, there will only be one tier, and it is available to businesses, bars, clubs, shops, solo traders, bands, and even individual sponsors just wanting to put something back into the music and arts scene again (You can even register your pet instead if you like, we got more pet sponsors this year than anything!). For a one off payment of £30 for the entire year, you get all the things below;

A linked up banner advert on our website, and a linked up mention on our sponsors list

Business shout outs on the page (up to one new one per week, just email us details!)

The ability to change your banner advert on the website for another image once per two month

The ability to put handouts such as flyers, stickers, badges in the shop, thus targeting customers direct. You send them in, we hand them out!

Remember that sponsors directly help us do our great work we do, and without sponsors signing up, our work would be a lot harder to accomplish, the link to sponsor us is HERE;

As an extra bonus we also have our record label registration available for only £30 too, that gets you all the perks for all bands on your label, as well as distribution and ticket hosting, and gets you a linked up advert on our website that goes directly to your page too! Record Label registration is HERE

So there you go, a few great offers for you to join the club with, as 2018 is going to be a bloody great year to get involved! Just remember that we also operate as a charity shop does, and always need stock donations such as instruments, even ones needing repaired (bands borrow them for free!), books, records, old games, old tapes, cd’s, music memorabilia, old band t-shirts, old games systems and games, old vhs tapes, dvd’s, pretty much anything we can sell to keep the rent and bills paid on time to be honest!

 If you are having a clear out, then think of NHC!