NHC Music Interviews Magic Trik - With Jenny Tingle

NHC Music caught up with the energetic Rock ‘n’ Roll quartet Magic Trik for a fantastic interview!

Magic Trik are: David McFarlane (vocals), Alek McMillan (guitar), Shaun Kilna (bass) and Jake Mackie-Duncan (drums)

Hi Magic Trik! How are you?

David: Yeah, doing good, enjoying life and all that!

Where does your energy and musical inspiration come from?

David: I think we all enjoy playing on stage so much, and just love the feeling of a show when everyone gets into it and us and the crowd are getting crazier and crazier. It's a good time, haha!

Can we look forward to hearing some new music anytime soon?

David: Well we've actually just recently released the second single off our second EP, the track's called "Don't Shoot the Martyr"! You can find it everywhere you'd expect like YouTube, iTunes and Spotify. We've got a really fun video that our drummer Jake put together using a bunch of Go-Pro cameras in our rehearsal place. Check it out if you get the chance!

What goes on at a typical Magic Trik practice session?

David: Lots of loud instruments, haha! We're not the quietest band in the world, so mostly noise and banter, and Shaun always finds some new weird sounds on his bass that he loves. We're basically always coming up with music when we practice, that's our main thing.

What bands from the local scene do you recommend?

David: I'd have to say my buds at Neon Suicide and Seraph Sin, and if around the UK count, then definitely the folk at Voodoo Blood, The Dead XIII, The Courtesans…..so many good bands going around at the moment that it's kinda hard to make the list short, ahaha!

Alek: I'd recommend Zola, they're great especially if you're a big QOTSA fan!

Shaun: I’d highly recommend Darkness Divine, they’re superb musicians and really nice guys! Their music is awesome!

Jake: There is a lot of choice but Hello Creepy Spider are genuinely one of my favourite bands, Athena’s Army are awesome and stretching out a bit to Edinburgh... Screamin Whisper are great.

Best gig of 2017?

David: I think we all agree that the best gig this last year for us was the launch of our new EP, "Your Wings to Fly". We played it alongside our friends at Zola, and we managed to drag Voodoo Blood all the way up from Manchester! It was such a blast, we had the best time, and the bands were sensational. The crowd were incredible too. Big thanks to everyone!


What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened at a gig?

David: The funniest thing was probably when I stage dived from the G2 stage of the Garage in Glasgow. It started out great, then I sort of descended in slow-motion because people couldn't take my weight, ahaha! Little bit of a cringe moment, never really done it since then! We also got it on film in one of our vlogs, so it's forever immortalised online, haha!

Tell us about yourselves- what was the start of Magic Trik? How did you all meet?

David: Well, Alek and I knew each other from high school, he was starting a band and needed a singer, and at the time all I did was write awful songs on my acoustic guitar. We eventually broke away from that band and grabbed Shaun to be our bassist, even though he hadn't played bass before. He played a bit of guitar and he sort of realised how much fun bass was. Then we grabbed Jake - our drummer - only like a few weeks before a gig we had coming up. We had just recently lost our previous drummer and were pretty much in full panic mode, ahaha! He stepped in and saved us, and we just fit so well that he ended up not stopping. We may have pestered him to join a little too.....

Who are your biggest influences, musical and otherwise?

David: personally the big names for me as a vocalist would be David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes, Ian Gillan, basically anyone that sang for Deep Purple ahaha! As well as people like Chris Cornell and Robert Plant.

Alek: For me guitar wise a massive influence would include Joe Bonamassa, Jimmy Page and Slash, the reason for Jimmy and Slash being an influence on me is because they are complete riff gods, and if I can be make riffs somewhat as good then I can die happy. I love Joe Bonamassa for the more technical side of guitar playing. Stealing his licks is my favourite hobby.

Shaun: My main influences for playing would be Lemmy from Motörhead, he has been a main staple of the way I play and how I approach the bass, but in terms of who Inspired me it’s between James Hetfield of Metallica and Les Claypool of Primus.

Jake: Musically I take influences from a lot of different places. Probably the biggest would be John Bonham and Dave Grohl, I learned a lot about the drums just by listening to them play, but I also draw a lot of influence from punk drummers like Earl Hudson and Jeff Nelson and more recently Aric Improta, and I love to throw in a few Buddy Rich inspired jazz influences as well. Outside of music (slightly) I guess I would say I’m inspired by punk and grunge culture in general. I try and take that general attitude and approach to everything I do creatively.

If there was one thing you could not survive without (apart from music) what would it be?

David: It's gotta be hot sauce. I need my hot sauce on everything ahaha, it's my weakness. If you've got hot sauce then you've got the best bargaining tool for me, haha!

Alek: I don't think I could survive without my ears. I think if I didn’t have the ability to listen to music then I'd just evaporate and cease to exist.

Shaun: Oxygen. But seriously probably headphones- I love to listen to things a lot including soundtracks from games and even sound design from video games as well.

Jake: Buffy the Vampire Slayer boxset.

What was the last song you listened to before this interview?

David: That would be "Welcome to Fat City" by Crobot. Fun fact actually, the last UK tour we were on, one of the guys that worked at the venue in Bristol told me we sounded like them, which was what made me check them out, and they're so good!! I'd totally been missing out, and didn't realise how big of a compliment that was until I got home, ahaha!

Alek: The last song I listened to was actually Jack White’s new song “Respect Commander”. It's very strange and I am yet to be convinced whether I like it or not.

Shaun: The last song I listened to was a song by a band called The Fever 333 and the song is called “We’re coming in”. It’s a great hype song!

Jake: Last song was “I Wanna Destroy Myself” by Ezra Furman, who EVERYBODY NEEDS TO HEAR OH MY GOD.

Any big news or plans for the future?

David: We've got some stuff in the works for this year, but it's early days yet.

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Where and when's the next time we can see you live?

David: You'll need to keep up to date on our Facebook or Instagram for that, we've not quite announced anything just yet, haha!

Anything else you want to talk about for the readers of the NHC music blog?

David: Just that if you like old school 70s vibes, like Zeppelin or Deep Purple, or if you're just into new music, then you should give us a listen and come along to a show, we make sure it's a lot of fun!

Cheers for the great interview guys, speak soon!