Special Mentions For 2017 - Some Of The Good Guys

So here it is then, our big special mentions article to round off 2017. This is the one where we say a huge thanks to all those who continue to help us do the great work we do with not only bands and artists within the local scene, but also with other charities and organisations such as local food-banks. 2017 was a tough year for us, we had a hell of a lot to accomplish but unfortunately the sales throughout the year took a bit of a dip, which was to be expected I guess as it wasn't that great a financial year for a lot of the country as a whole. Even with a tough year, a lot of you still shone like bloody lighthouses in the night, some helping us find our own feet at times, and some of you just being damn great people within the local music and arts scene, making life in our local scene better for everyone.

First off I need to thank the main sponsors from last year, all of which are below, ranging from local businesses and bands, to individual music lovers and even our furry friends, we almost have as many pet sponsors this year as we did individuals! Check them out below, without them we wouldn't have been able to help half the people we did;

The Bellfield Tavern     (Pet Sponsors include - Missy The Dog    Turtle The Guinea Pig    Jack The Cat)    Joe Bone And The Dark Vibes     Buried Sleeper     Kommand    SendBeats    Concrete Kingdoms     Divine Chaos     (special mention goes out to the folks at The Student Advertiser)     NTM Promotions      Emma Scott / Pluggin' Baby   Stealth Recordings 

We are psyched to say that we will already be working with a few of the above businesses again in 2018,  in which will be our biggest planned year to date, and more sponsors will be coming in soon to help us do even more great work in the year ahead!

Secondly we need to thank some local venues and promoters who have decided to take a more ethical approach to working within the local scene, those who strive to fight against pay to play and scam artist promoters. Venues such as Nice n Sleazy's need to be spotlighted for their work in making gigs fair for everyone. Promoters like Cog Promotions need highlighted too, even just for the quality of the new music and gigs they are bringing into Glasgow on a regular basis, these guys take massive risks trying to bring you exciting new live bands from across the globe to love, so please get out to their gigs so they can keep bringing you more.

Then there is the recording studios in the Hidden Lane like La Chunky that are constantly there, helping us out, every single time we have an instore with tech problems... and let's not forget the wonderful folk over at Music Broth, the newest music charity we hope to be working a hell of a lot with in 2018. There are so many positives to mention from last year to be honest, we even found a hugely talented photographer to work alongside from Jolly Bearded Promotions. We are sure you will be seeing a lot more of him in the new year too!

There are many more folk we could mention, but would run out of space to do so, from our own mini army of writers and volunteers, to those of you who have donated stock to us in the past, each one of you is an integral part of what we do, an important piece of the puzzle that is NHC MUSIC... and without you, we would be nothing. So here is to another great year together! We still have many miles before we sleep, and we need you now more than ever before

Anyway, i digress too much and could go on all day about the good guys myself, so here is some more good guys worth mentioning from some of our partners;

Martin McCann -

As far as venues go, two stand out above the rest in my opinion. Bil and Amanda at the bellfield tavern have consistently provided good bands a great place to play that has attracted some big names over the past couple of years. Friendly staff and enthusiastic regulars make it Ayrshire’s premier music pub, and a serious contender for central Scotland as well.

The other pick to me has to be the vortex in Cumbernauld. Bringing live music back to this area has been a struggle at times but by attracting the best acts and looking after them properly, these guys are becoming the place to play. The list of acts wanting to play there is long - that in itself speaks volumes.

Shout out goes to ivory blacks for the variety of bands that play there, one of the last accessible mid sized venues in Glasgow. And for having the best stage sound. Cammie always makes everyone sound good, which is an art in itself!

Jenny Tingle -

Music Broth – a network of awesome people coming to the rescue with music gear at gigs, and doing work helping people in vulnerable groups. Music Broth are eliminating any remaining attitudes of “every-man-for-themselves” within the underground music scene. I also want to nominate Carlton Studios – affordable studio/music community hub run by kind-hearted people, the scene would be worse off without them!

Campbell Stewart -

For me as a rock/metal fan, there are 2 obvious choices for this. People who have taken risks, and put their money where it mattered, into the local scene.

The Shock City Productions team have gone from strength to strength, starting off mainly as promoters of tribute bands (still a big chunk of what they do), but also putting on some great original gigs as well from both local and international acts. They have been great at supporting and nurturing local talent too, and their reputation has grown such that they are now booking full UK and European tours for some of the best rock acts around, including the legendary Graham Bonnet. Not only that, they're also involved in management as well, with the fantastic Mason Hill under their wing. They work hard at everything they do, and it is deservedly paying off for them.

The other guy I have to praise highly is Mark Hunter at Audio. Again he's taken quite a few risks along the way, getting involved in the more extreme side of the metal scene. Again his growing reputation means he is pretty much cornering the market as the go to guy for top metal and punk gigs in Glasgow, and not only in his own venue, but bringing the likes of Sabaton and Accept to the Academy. The continued success has seen Mark take on new venues around the country and running successful events in all of them. As with Shock City, he gives plenty of gig opportunities to so many bands in the local scene, and that can only be a good thing.
Honourable mentions - Ian McCaig and his team for running the brilliant Winterstorm festival in Troon, Kelvin Cook at Ivory Blacks, and James Hogg and Jim McLean for the incredible work they put into the annual SAHBROCK charity gig over the last 10 years, raising almost £13,000 this year alone for Yorkhill childrens Hospital charity.

So there you have it, we hope all of the above have a succesful 2018, here's to the music scene, Glasgow itself, and all who strive within it!