The Hidden Lane - Check Out One Of Glasgow's Best Kept Secrets Today

Nestled in the beating heart of Glasgow's trendy Finnieston area lies one of the city's most well kept shopping secrets, The Hidden Lane, and when we say 'hidden' we aren't kidding, you'll need to explore a bit to find it if you are unaware of it's existance... which is why we are writing this article to be honest, to aid you in it's discovery a bit faster! Don't worry though, we aren't ruining the surprise by doing so, there is still plenty of surprises to be had when you make your way into the alley and walk to the end.


The lane itself sits between the big Tesco on Argyle street and the Roots N Fruits shop, and is almost right across the street from where the old Rockus used to sit (ah Rockus, how we miss you across the road from us for end of day beers!). It can sometimes look a tad intimidating from the outside, but hey, every great lane does right? So get your butt down it and check out some of the fantastic things lining it's beautifully cobbled street!


There is a slew of recording studios, silversmiths, fabric sellers, clock makers, The gem that is The Hidden Lane Tea Rooms, a fantastic antique and curios shop called Tart Glasgow, Squinty stuff which is chock full of craft goodness upstairs in Studio One, art studios, furniture shops, and Mercat House is itself a warren of wee shops and studios too, you really do get your money's worth here if exploring is your passion!


...And of course there is NHC MUSIC - We stock a huge range of local band music and merchandise, local artists and crafts peoples works, and have everything from records to old vhs, hell, we even have a big bookshop upstairs. So we have somethig for everyone, and as a not for profit, everything we make goes right back into the local music and arts scene again!

Next door to us, and opening soon, is a healthier option cafe and takeaway called Lean Factory, so when you get a beer from us and feel all unhealthy after one of our live music sessions (that we have regularly) then you can pop in and top up on some good food to balance it all out! That's how healthy stuff works... right?

So all we need to ask you is this... why the hell aren't you in the lane yet?