NHC MUSIC are happy to say that, after checking through the registered bands and artists we have, and pulling out the bands no longer with us (that sounds bad, they aren’t dead I’m sure, just disbanded, or as bands call it, ‘on hiatus’) we have found that we have 20 spaces left to fill. This will be the final spaces we have until February 2018, as we have so much going on at the moment we want to focus on the original number of artists we already had in mind.  The spots consist of 20 band/musician/artist spots (£25 lifetime fee) and 5 record label spots (£50 lifetime fee for entire roster).

The fee is a one off donation that helps us do the great work we do in the local music scene, and we will never ask for another penny from you again. To prove how good this deal is, you will save more than that right off the bat with the T-Shirt 20% off perk with the amazing Parallel Prints, you will also get free distribution and promotion in both out shop and online, access to booking fee free ticket distribution, access to our online band groups, and also access to reviews and interviews to help promote you and your work. You can also book the shop for free for intimate instores, you get access to the compilation cd we give out on your behalf, and you get to us us for page shares, gig promotion,  advice, other money off perks, and much more. From January again we will be opening our lists again for the 50% cash input on a future release with our own inhouse label.

You get a lot more, and you really do see the benefit if you don’t forget about us and what we help with and keep in contact with us! (Honestly, the number of bands who register then don’t access the help and perks as often as they could is kind of maddening!)

The Record Label Fee grants you all of the above, for ALL of the acts you have on the label, as well as a full clickable banner advert on our website, that can be rotated as many times as you need.

So grab it while you can, this is the final spots for another6 months… unless a startling amount of bands go on Hiatus in that time, remember a band is for life folks, not just for Christmas…

Links are below to register, come join NHC, things are getting interesting again, and our full shop refit is nearly finished and awaiting new shelving, just for YOU!!

The Band Link

The Label Link