NHC MUSIC Talks To Embryo Caesar

Today at NHC MUSIC we have a wee chat with a good friend of ours John McKellar, about what he is up to recently since the Void Pleasantries days, and also about his new solo project Embryo Caesar, which is a lo-fi slice of psychedelic ear honey. I'm not a massive listener of that particular style to be honest, but even I can hear that he has something pretty bloody special on his hands here, so if that sounds like your type of bag, this his new track on Soundcloud really will tingle you in all the right places, the link is above, check it out first then read on;

Hello There John! Long time no speak mate! How are you, how goes your musical adventures in 2017? You got enough on your plate, music wise, to keep you busy? (Possible loaded question, we know you have if you are here!)

I'm very well thanks. It has been what? Almost a year. I have a few irons in the fire so to speak. I'm doing my thing and keeping involved. been mostly writing this year though.

Embryo Caesar ... let’s get right into the name as we would only come back to it later anyway! It is quite an interesting moniker for a musical project, why did you come to it?

I took Embryo Caesar from the Gore Vidal book Burr. It's a historical novel about a guy called Colonel Aaron Burr, the third United States Vice President who was tried for treason in 1807 for conspiring to break up the Union.

In the book, and presumably in real-life, his detractors referred to him as an "embryo-Caesar". I thought it would be a really cool name so I used it.

The new track is a cracker, but very psychedelic. Have you any plans to go live at some point with Embryo Caesar, or are you just enjoying working with new music at your own pace just now?

Thanks, I'm pretty pleased with it. In the past I would've been apprehensive about making something so potentially hard to listen to.  Now though I'm past caring and I'm going to put out music I feel like making and enjoy hearing. I do plan to go live down the line but it's nowhere near fruition. I'm writing for the most part just now then I'll take stock at some point and decide what to do with it.

Do you prefer working alone on projects, or do you miss the bustle of a band? You think you will keep things solo in the future, or are you not ruling anything out?

Long term I want to put a band together because I do miss it and re-record Sleep with a full set-up as well as other new stuff I have in the works. Short-term, I'm just relaxed about the whole process. I won't be releasing any EPs or albums etc until that happens.

Who else are you listening to yourself these days, anyone we know, or anyone the readers should know?

Dayton, Ohio's own Guided By Voices mostly. I've also just gotten into Anthrax and I've listened to The Velvet Underground and Nico about 300 times this year.

What (or who) inspired you to start writing the music you have moved on to now?

I can't really say for sure. Sleep was actually written and recorded in a very different form in 2007, but never released. These days words just sometimes come to me and I write them down. Music will come along at some point in the future for them.

Fuck it, Gore Vidal. He deserves another mention.

So what’s next for Embryo Caesar then, any plans in the pipeline we should know about, new songs or announcements? The floor is yours!

New songs or band-related stuff, no. Not at the moment, just writing stuff as it comes as I mentioned right now

Announcements? Well, only the one I can't talk about until the weekend is over haha. Suffice it to say I'm very much looking forward to that!

If I could just close by saying, fuck Boris Johnson.