The NHC MUSIC CD Compilation Has Arrived - And You Will Be Able To Get Your Hands On One This Week!

We said it was coming, and even though, like everything in our world, it was as delayed as a Scotrail Service when you really need it to be on time, it is finally here, the first ever giveaway compilation CD from NHC MUSIC!

The idea behind this is simple really, we team up with a selection of bars and clubs (and a couple of studios) across Scotland, we sit a small branded stand at the end of the bar full of compilation cd's that rotates to new tracks every 6 weeks, and people take them out and get to know some more local bands from the city they live in. The hope is that they love a track or two that they hear, and visit the bands social media to check out the rest of their stuff, then they become a fan and start attending gigs and buying more music and merch from them.

Bands need new fans, and people need new music to love. It's a win win really, and the bars hopefully benefit by being involved as people will pop in for the cd's and possibly grab a wee pint while they are there.  Be rude not to really...

On the very first compilation cd are the selction of bands below, in no particular order, and they are all tagged so you can check them out now if you like too. A new cd will hit the bars within 6 weeks, and we start getting them into bars this weekend starting with McCuills and The Brass Monkey, and the band Visceral Noise Conspiracy will have a few to give out tomorrow night at their Edinburgh gig!

Savage Cut
Geek Maggot Bingo
Mark Ayling
Marshall Chipped
Visceral Noise Department
The Big Nowhere
The Media Whores
Test The Waters
LK Projection
Blind Daze