The NHC MUSIC Compilation LP Will Be Here Soon, And It Has Some Of The Best Damn Bands We Know On It!

Bold title you think? Nah, not really. Not when it's absolutely true!

We have been waiting patiently for it's arrival, and it should be here soon, but you should know what you are getting first, as it really is a playlist to shout from the rooftops about, especially where great up and coming Glasgow bands are concerned!

On side one we have tunes from acts such as the hugely talented Luminous (who also mastered this LP for us), NHC favourites Test The Waters, who have one of the best tracks and music videos to go with it that I have seen from and independent band. We have the multi talented and diverse Plectrum, epic punk rockers the Puzzlers, indie electronic talents Sorrows Have Sails, and we end it with ruddy well Joe Bone and The Dark Vibes, a band that needs to bigging up from us, they do that themselves onstage!

Side two doesn't drop the ball either, as we have another 6 top acts on there too. Frenetic punk rockers THIRTEEN, currently on a UK tour, have a track on there, and it's a cracker. We also continue the punk theme by having a belter of a track from The Media Whores on there too, they may not be allowed to play this one of the radio, but we don't mind the odd bad word at NHC! There is blues rock solo artist Stoney Broke on there too, a guy so talented we have booked him ourselves more than once, and then there is Tiny Vinyl, a new band to NHC compared to the rest, but a band so damn good they belong on this LP and more. Rounding off the LP is the excellent Marshall Chipped who we have seen live multiple times, and in more than one band, and the excellent Big Nowhere. The band I like so much I got them to play my birthday party! (Hell, one of their guys even supplied the artwork for the LP...How great is that?)

So there you have it, a real DIY compilation, paid for by the artists, created by the artists, and all the cash from sales goes right back to the artists. The way it should be. It will be here soon... look out for it.