Warship - Second Wave - Ciaran McCaskill

1. Fly like an Eagle
2. Ready for War
3. Feel the Pain
4. Hot Babe
5. For the Money
6. Tough guy
7. Take your Gun
8. We’ll Meet in Hell
9. The Second Wave

Recently I was offered the chance to review a couple of bands that I personally would not normally be inclined to listen to. I am glad to say I have not disappointed myself in taking the chance when it was put in front of me.

Warship are a three piece old-school metal outfit from Greece that flow with an abundance of fast guitar driven songs, ones that will have you tapping along to each track that they have to offer you in their new release “The Second Wave”. Formed in 2003, and originally called Kokkalo, they successfully released two studio albums without performing live more than a few times. After Kokkalo dissolved, Warship was created in place bringing a 13 year span of hard metal for listeners to enjoy.

Throughout The Second Wave you are treated to the almost jazz like melodies that punch through the drums, providing an ear tingling variety to their arsenal. It's a card that sounds like they could pull it out at any moment to just blow you away. Prominent bass provides the strong backbone between the guitar and the drums which gives you the constant feeling that you just want to just bang your head to it constantly. 

They are a force to be reckoned with, these veterans of the scene know what they like and how they like to do it. Boy they do not disappoint!