The New NHC Chart Has Arrived! We Do Love A Tune With A Catchy Chorus...

It's that time again folks, time for us to get you a new selections of music to mull over from our hugely talented bunch of registered acts over at NHC! The theme for our third chart was a simple one, all we wanted was a catchy chorus, something to absent mindedly whistle while perusing the supermarket shelves, or sing aloud with the wrong words while showering. Below is a ruddy well big bunch of amazing, catchy tracks that you really need to check out, most of these bands play Glasgow pretty regularly, so if you hear something that sticks in your head then be sure to check out the bands social media and catch them playing live sometime.

Anyway, let's get right into this months chart, shall we? It's in no real order, so make sure you check out them all, and find yourself a new chorus to sing while you bathe!!

1. Visceral Noise Department - Wasted (Come on what's catchier than a drinking song?)

2. everywhere - It's Because (There isn't much catchier than some live everywhere, so here is a wee slice of what they serve during gigs!)

3. Long Day Living - Nothing But The Girl (We had the guys play in the shop recently, and can honestly say they play a great live set, with many more catchy tunes on their album!)

4. Joe Bone and the Dark Vibes - D.W.P. (It was a toss up between this and Britain Ain't Great Anymore... tough call!)

5. The Papashangos - The Poncho Song (They ain't from around these parts, 'cos if they were I would be catching a lot more of their live shows with tracks like these!)

6. Fallen Arches - Let It All Out (There is a reason Fallen Arches is in our 'forever top ten' at NHC, and that reason is tracks such as this... that and the fact that he is an occasional drinking buddy who can hold his own around the lager, of course)

7. Bullets And Arrows - Jailbait (Bullets and Arrows go from strength to strength these days, and with cracking tracks like this, who honestly doesn't see them going further?)

8. The Super Pumas - Let It Lie (Saw these guys live in The Buff Club a while back, and they play a set like no other, don't miss 'em!)

9. The Barstow Bats - Lovebite (We keep telling folk how good the Barstow Bats are, this song, and the rest of the tracks they have online, just goes to prove it.)

10. Stoney Broke - Nothin' But The Truth (No one quite does moody blues rock quite like Stoney Broke)

11. Savage Cut - Sunshine ft. Jim MacKellar (Did you honestly think we could have so many videos without sharing something from the talented folk at Savage Cut? No Chance!)

12. The Naked Feedback - Who Is She (The Naked Feedback are one to watch in 2017, to be fair, they were one to watch last year too! Bloody great band with some great music videos already notched up)

13. Spectacular Primate Disaster - Fuck You (It's certainly catchy, and memorable too, what's not to like?)

14. Super 8 - Mary Jane (A new band to the NHC MUSIC Page, check it out and tell us what you think, catchy enough?)

15. Joe Viterbo - I Fuckin Telt Ye (Ya Stupid Cunt) - (A Bit sweary, but fuck it, it's too damn good not to share again!)

16. Radiophonic Tuckshop - Running Commentary - promo video (I kind of love how manic this is, probably one of the catchiest ear-worms in this list!)

17.  Afterhyde - Don't Hide Away (Another cracker from Afterhyde, get it listened to!)

18. Brora Wolf - Get On My Level (Brora Wolf have a few catchy numbers under their belt, check this one out, then head to their page for more!)

19. Lou McLean - Empty Cans (We are absolutely loving Lou McLean at the moment, and if you have a listen, we are sure you will too, you need to check her music out as soon as you can)

20. The Van Dammage - Electrifying (We saved one of the best for last, The Van Dammage are everything you want in your music - so get listening to them as soon as you can)

More epic videos in a few weeks time, remember to check out the bands above and find something new to love today!