Jacks Full – Jacks Full - Giorgos Stakias

If you are looking for a fresh hard rock band, then Jacks Full is a must!

Jacks Full is a hard rock trio band from Greece. Nikos Spathas is on the guitar and backing vocals, Michael Apartoglou is on bass and leading vocals and Vaggelis Kardamitsis on drums. Their first release was on 2015 and the next album will be released in September, few weeks from now.

Listening to brand new hard rock bands is sometimes a double edged sword, from the aspect that some of them, trying to get some fans and “shining” from the bigger bands, end up being their copycats. Jacks Full go 100% against that rule, with a powerful release that combines flawlessly the hard rock lines with the heavy metal limits.

The band welcomes us with the “Circus”, in my opinion their trademark song as it combines their best skills: Excellent vocals, killer riffs, amazing bass. The influences from both old and newer school hard rock are more than obvious (being a “younger” fan, I could perceive some influences from Slipknot), while the high-quality production rocks!

If the “Circus” caught your attention, the best is yet to come. Next one is the “Electric Dimension”, where the epic introduction is followed by a front and backing vocal explosion, with perfect rhythm. Michael then invites us to witness the creation of a “Ghost”, with his melodic voice all along that beautiful song.

It’s Vaggelis’s turn to lead, with the bass taking command in “Scars ‘n’ Lies”, a song that is most likely based on the life experiences of the band, charming the listener with the perfect combination of the bass and the melodic riffs and vocals, with the discrete drums on the background.

After the break, the “Justice Gone Astray” is there to remind us that we are wrong if we thought that Jacks Full is only capable of producing just a couple of nice songs. Nikos’s riffs are second to none and this album is the greatest proof of that. Next song, “Died Young”, keeps the rhythm upbeat before we “Bend Down”, a song that stresses the passion and thirst of Jacks Full to make the difference in an environment full of “mainstream” and “commercial” bands.


If you think that was it, you are wrong. The melodic “Listen to me” is there to keep our interest unlimited. Then here comes my favourite “Under my skin”, in my favourite song of the album. I’ve listened to it tenths of times, still to understand why is it so addictive! The bands says farewell with the “Soul Shackle”, a ballad-like song, with the melodic riffs making the difference (again!)

Overall, I would ask the listeners to definitely give this album a chance! Jacks Full worth it and personally, I will be buying their next release first thing!

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