The Big NHC MUSIC Compilation Giveaway

Ideas are constant at NHC MUSIC.

Most of them are about what we can do to help bands, some of them are about how we handle inevitable two day hangovers after three day benders, quite a lot of these ideas are really quite terrible when faced with the bright light of a sober morning. Some though, some are quite exciting…

This is one of the exciting ones.

The idea is simple but effective, and we are helped along by a list of bars and clubs (fully linked up below and added to as and when they get back to us!) that love the local music scene and the bands within it as much as we do. Basically, each venue will have a wee box on the end of the bar, or sitting where the gig flyers go. Every single month, from August onward, NHC MUSIC will restock these wee boxes with a compilation of music starring some of the best bands in the local music scene and beyond. These CD compilations will be free, so all you need to do is grab one every month, and listen to it. If you hear what you like in there, then check out the bands online and maybe go check them out live. Band details will be supplied with the CD's.

It sounds simple, and it is. Free new music for you to love every month, and promotion for all the bands involved with NHC MUSIC covering the costs of the Cd's and printing. Every month we will up a new article with the tracklisting for that month’s compilation, and will include a list of bars and venues where you can get one. First article / tracklisting will be upped at the start of August, but we are proud to say we already have a clutch of music loving venues below where you will be able to pick up the compilations from late-August onward!

Check the first confirmed stockists out here;

The Vortex

The Wee Red Bar


The Purple Orange

The Art School

The Lansdowne

The Brass Monkey

The Bungalow

Sweeney’s On The Park

Leith Depot

The Yes Bar

CC's Cavern