NHC MUSIC Chats To The Cowal Afterglow

We have another cracker of a festival chat going live for you now, this one is another new one to our page and website, it's the Cowal Afterglow, and the line up is absolutely fantastic for the price! Not to be missed at all, check out what they have to say about the festival itself below then be sure to grab a ticket or five!

Cowal Games weekend seems to be hugely successful in it's own right, what made you guys want to end things with a music festival? Did you just see it as a natural progression of the weekend's festivities?

Well the Cowal Games weekend has been such a massive part of the town for as long as we can remember. It's a time when everyone is home at the same time and there are so many visitors to the town from all over the world which creates such a good atmosphere. The last few years the Gig at the Gathering on the Friday night has been so brilliant so we wanted to do something similar on the Sunday. We did feel that with all the traditional music throughout the weekend it would be good to do something a bit different! There's nothing happening on the Sunday currently and it almost feels like it would be good to keep the momentum and atmosphere going until the end of the weekend. It would be nice if it was successful and became something everyone would look forward to, the closing of the Cowal Games weekend!

When choosing bands for the festival, did you just go with acts you guys love yourselves? (I totally would to be honest, and the line up you have is fantastic!)

Yeah definitely! As I said, we wanted to do something a bit different from ceilidh/traditional music. We had seen the bands perform at Gigs and festivals and knew how good a show they put on. They are all so massive on the Scottish music scene right now, doing all the big festivals, so it's exciting we get to bring them to our wee town!

I take it you want the music side of things to be ongoing from now on? Should we expect guys doing caber tosses from the stage anytime in future? (I laugh, but to be honest I tried a caber toss once, it did not go well)

Yeah for us, music will always be the main focus, we are always seeing people and thinking 'I'd love to have them play another year.' In saying that, we do hope to be constantly adding things into the mix and adding value. That's the best part of a festival, having lots of different things to see and do. The caber tossing would definitely be an entertaining one but we think the Gathering has that covered for the weekend!

What band are you most looking forward to yourself?

That's a tricky one. We have seen each of the bands perform somewhere different so we are looking forward to them all for different things. Carly Connors voice is just amazing and she can blow people away with it. The Rum Riots always bring something a bit different and will be great for a Sunday event after a couple of rums! DopeSickFly are a late addition but we we're so glad we could get them on board, they are so funky and cool, we are definitely expecting everyone to have a good dance with them. We saw Mickey 9s at Eden and the crowd was just amazing, they are such a good live band. And of course Colonel Mustard will be the icing on the cake, we can't wait to see how the crowd interacts with them - the Colonel's patter is something else!